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Eclipse Riddles in the Arrest of Keefe D for Tupac’s Murder

See my first post on this story if you haven’t already.

This second post explains the Eclipse numerology connected to today’s arrest of Duane Davis, a.k.a. Keefe D, who police believed shot Tupac in 1996, resulting in his death six days later.

The Murder of Tupac occurred in Las Vegas, Nevada.

"Las Vegas Nevada" = 83 (Reverse Reduction)

Murder = 83 Reverse and 399 Latin

Keefe D was a span of 8 years, 3 days old when Tupac was born and exactly 399 months old when he died:

Moon = 83 Caps Added, Total eclipse and Solar eclipse both = 83 Hebrew

Solar Eclipse has English gematria of 503 and 134.

Solar eclipse = 503 Standard and 134 Ordinal

XXXTentacion was born 503 days after Tupac died, and he would have turned exactly 1340 weeks old today:

Great American Eclipses

Tupac Shakur = 139 and 1093, Tupac Amaru Shakur = 193

Tupac was shot 1093 weeks before the first Eclipse and died 1092 weeks before it:

Second and Eclipse both = 192 Latin

Today is a span of 193 (or 192) days before the Second Eclipse (Saros # 139):

We are able to predict Solar and Lunar Eclipses thanks to the Saros cycle, which is 223 lunar phases long.

223 is the Standard value of Las Vegas, Nevada in Hebrew:

XXXTentacion was born 223 days after Keefe D’s birthday:

"XXXTentacion" = 2023 (Reverse Standard)

Keefe D is a span of 22023 days old, and it’s been 2230 days since the first Eclipse:

"Duane Davis" = 170 (Reverse)

12/14 “Vaccine” Eclipse

XXXTentacion was murdered during Brown Lunation # 1181:

"Jesus the Messiah" = 181 (Ordinal)

It’s widely believed that Jesus the Messiah was born on September 11th, or 9/11:

Tupac was shot during Brown Lunation # 911:

"Ritual human sacrifice" = 911 (Satanic), "Human sacrifice" = 156 (Capitals Added), "Ritual sacrifice" = 1506 (Reverse Sumerian), "Prince Rogers Nelson" = 1560 (Reverse Sumerian), "Super Bowl Fifty seven" = 1506 (Reverse Sumerian)

"Duane Keith Davis" = 1116 (Standard)

XXXTentacion was born a span of exactly 1 year, 19 weeks after Tupac died:

Onfroy was killed 9 months, 11 days after the anniversary of Tupac’s shooting:

Today is 116 days before XXX’s birthday and 11 months, 9 days before the anniversary of the Tupac shooting:

911 is The 156th Prime number

Solar and Lunar eclipses always occur 1, 5, or 6 lunar phases apart. The word Eclipse sums to 156 in Hebrew:

Thirty-three = 66 and 60. Thirty-three, Six six six, and Triple sixes all = 156 Ordinal

One five six has Latin gematria of 1214.

"One five six" = 1214 (Latin)

Keefe D allegedly shot Tupac when he was 12140 days old, and got arrested for it a span of exactly 1412 weeks later:

In 2020, there was a Total solar eclipse on December 14th, written 12/14 or 14/12. This was the same exact day the FDA announced its COVID-19 vaccine approval:

XXXTentacion died 911 days before the 12/14 Eclipse, and Keefe D was arrested 1019 days later:

That 12/14 Eclipse was very significant to Keefe D. Check out how perfectly his age aligned with the word that day.

Keefe D was exactly 690 months (or 3000 weeks, 3 days) old for that Eclipse:

Eclipse = 69 and 33

Tupac would have been a span of 18080 days old on that same day:

"Jesus of Nazareth" = 188 (Ordinal)

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