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Raiders/Seahawks Fullback Steve Smith Dies @ 57

Steve Smith, former Raiders fullback, dead at 57 after near 20-year battle with ALS

Former NFL fullback Steve Smith, who spent most of his career as a member of the Los Angeles Raiders, has passed away after a battle with Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Los Angeles Raiders and Lou Gehrig's disease both = 183 and 276

Lou Gehrig’s disease is the nickname for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, which has Sumerian gematria of 1986.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis = 1986

Steve Smith won the 1986 College Football National Championship with the Penn State Nittany Lions.

The Raiders now play in Las Vegas, Nevada, which sums to 83.

"Las Vegas, Nevada" = 83 (Reverse Reduction)

Smith died a span of 83 days after his 8/30 birthday:

"Murder" = 83 (Reverse Ordinal)

Steve Smith was the winner of the inaugural Madden Bowl during the 90’s, where NFL players square off against one another in the famous football video game.

Steve Smith was the Raiders’ RB3 in Tecmo Super Bowl, one of the most famous football games of all-time. In that game, he would block for Bo Jackson and Marcus Allen, two legendary Raiders running backs who were both excellent in the game.

Marcus Allen was born exactly 140 weeks before Bo Jackson:

"Steve Smith" = 140 (English Ordinal)

Just yesterday, Bo Jackson was made a face of the Madden NFL franchise:Bo Jackson makes video game history again with his first Madden cover Three decades after starring in Tecmo Bowl, the retired running back becomes a face of Madden NFL 22

“Sacrifice” Code

Lou Gehrig died in ’41. Steve Smith died on November 20th, the date leaving 41 days in the year:

"Super Bowl" = 41 (Full Reduction)

41 is the 13th Prime number

Steve Smith = 41 and 130

Human sacrifice and Las Vegas both = 130

November 20th also had Standard numerology of 52:(11) + (20) + (21) = 52

Raiders = 52 and 269

269 is the 57th Prime number
Smith died at the age of 57

Although I hadn’t posted about it until now, there is an insane riddle for the Raiders to go to Super Bowl 57. Today’s news could easily be construed as another clue, especially with the connections to Madden, who will no doubt be big to the Raiders’ next trip to the championship game.

That Super Bowl will be played on a date with 57 numerology on 2/12. Smith died 2 months, 21 days after his birthday in 2021.

Ritual sacrifice

"Ritual human sacrifice" = 911 (Satanic)

Smith passed away a span of 9 months, 11 days before his 58th birthday:

Steve Smith had a Life Lesson number of 58:(8) + (30) + 1+9+6+4 = 58

Steve Smith = 58, Stephen A. Smith = 58

Stephen A. Smith

Smith’s full name was Steven Anthony Smith.

Steven Anthony Smith and Ritual sacrifice both = 251

This is virtually identical to Stephen Anthony Smith, which is the full name of ESPN douchebag Stephen A. Smith:

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and Stephen Anthony Smith both = 331

331 is the 67th Prime number

Stephen A. Smith was born in ’67 on October 14th, which is the date of the 2023 Annular Eclipse over the United States, which falls on a date with 67 numerology:(10) + (14) + (20) + (23) = 67

Blood sacrifice & Human sacrifice = 67

Steve Smith the fullback was born on a date with Primary numerology of 121:(8) + (30) + (19) + (64) = 121

"Blood sacrifice" = 121 (English Ordinal)

The former Raiders star died on November 20th, the date written 20/11.

"Killing" = 211 (Primes)

Ritual human sacrifice

In Francis Bacon, Las Vegas, Nevada = 211 and Steven Anthony Smith = 329

Steve Smith died a span of 329 days (or exactly 47 weeks) before Stephen A. Smith’s birthday:

211 is the 47th Prime number

Killing and Raiders both = 47

The name Smith sums to 33, which is also associated with Ritual human sacrifice.

"Smith" = 33 (Single Reduction)

Thirty-three and Thirty-three both = 895 Jewish

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