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Death of Art LaFleur – The Deeper Riddle

"Kevin Michael Costner" = 1208 (Jewish)

The Field of Dreams Game was played on 12/08, or 8/12:

Field of Dreams was released a span of 812 days before the next Middle Eclipse:

That special 1991 Total Eclipse was the Middle Eclipse of Saros 136, which I recently explained was the first Middle Eclipse in over a century. It fell on 7/11/91.

"One thirty-six" = 1191 (Jewish)

Eclipses from the same Saros series occur only once every 18 years, 11 days. One of was another Total Eclipses from Saros 136 occurred in the year 1919.

Field of Dreams was about the 1919 Chicago Black Sox scandal, and Art LaFleur played Babe Ruth, who was traded in 1919, in The Sandlot. Saros 136 began one day after 13/6/1360. The oldest Saros cycle is numbered -13, which is the 6th Prime number. Almost every eclipse is 6 lunar phases after another one.

"Parkinson's" = 136 (English Ordinal)

The next Eclipse from Saros 136 occurred on July 22nd, 2009. That was the longest Total Eclipse of the 21st century, and the Sun’s Corona happened to be visible in Wuhan, where the coronavirus allegedly originated.

His death fell exactly 643 weeks after the last Eclipse from Saros 136:

One hundred and thirty-six = 117 in both Reduction methods

643 is the 117th Prime number
The 117th World Series finished the season

"Field of Dreams" = 117 (English Ordinal)

The next Saros cycle to end will be Saros 117

There are 11898 Solar Eclipses listed in the Five Millennium Canon.

Art died 11898 days after the release of Field of Dreams:

Parkinson's disease and The Saros Cycle both = 198 and 1188

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