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Death of Peter Aykroyd Announced at End of SNL

Peter Aykroyd was the brother of Dan Aykroyd, who was well-known for his role in the 1984 film Ghostbusters and its sequels.

Ghostbusters contains a line where Revelation 6:12 is stated, but the verse is attributed to 7:12. See Seven7One1‘s video explaining that “mistake.” This week, a new Ghostbusters film was released, and the same Bible verse is again in the film, again mentioning the Blood Moon. The movie is called Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

The film was released on November 19th, 2021, which was the same date as the longest Blood Moon, or Lunar eclipse, in over a 1200-year period:

That also happens to be Peter Aykroyd’s birthday:

His death was announced at the end of Saturday Night Live, where Peter was both a writer and actor. It was Season 47, Episode 7.

"Ritual sacrifice" = 477 (Primes)

SNL executive producer Lorne Michaels was 77 years, 4 days old:

Eclipse Code

Lunar = 66 Ordinal, Eclipse = 66 Jewish Ordinal

He turned 66 years old on the date of this year’s long Lunar Eclipse:

The original Ghostbusters film was released exactly 66 years after the 1918 Great American Eclipse:

Peter’s brother was original SNL cast member Dan Aykroyd.

"Dan Aykroyd" = 990 (Jewish)

"Ghostbusters Afterlife" = 990 (Satanic)

Peter shares a name with British author Peter Ackroyd.

Peter Ackroyd = 60 and 66 in Reduction

The name Aykroyd sums to 99 and 90. The ultimate Moon number is 666, which is the 36th Triangular number.

Aykroyd and The Moon both = 99, 90, 36, and 36

His death fell on a date with a Life Lesson number of 36:(11) + (20) + 2+0+2+1 = 36

"SNL" = 36 (Reverse Ordinal)

"Saros" = 36 (Single Reduction)

The 36th Prime number is 151

"Ghostbusters" = 151 (Reverse Ordinal)

The Saros cycle, which allows us to predict the next Eclipse, is a period of 223 lunar phases.

The Moon sums to 223 in Hebrew Gematria:

Peter died 223 days before Dan’s birthday:

November 20th had Primary numerology of 72:(11) + (20) + (20) + (21)= 72

"Saros" = 72 (English Ordinal)


The current SNL season is number 47. In Reduction, Ghostbusters sums to 47.

Ghostbusters and Killing both = 47

The author Peter Ackroyd was a span of 47 days after his birthday:

The 47th Prime number is 211
He died on November 20th, or 20/11

Six hundred sixty-six and Ritual human sacrifice both = 211

This is also the value of the word Killing using Prime numbers.

Killing = 211 and 444

Aykroyd died at the age of exactly 3444 weeks:

The author Peter Ackroyd was 26,344 days old.

Dan Aykroyd turned 69 years, 142 years on the date his brother died:

Lunar = 69, Eclipse = 69, Eclipse sacrifice = 142

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