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Fox Corp Founder Rupert Murdoch to Assume “Chairman Emeritus” Role

Rupert Murdoch announces transition to new role of Chairman Emeritus of Fox Corporation and News Corp. 'For my entire professional life, I have been engaged daily with news and ideas, and that will not change'

Rupert Murdoch has the same Extended gematria as September eleventh.

Rupert Murdoch and September eleventh both = 1260

Rupert Murdoch was exactly 846 months old on 9/11, and today is a span of 8046 days later:

On September 11th, 2001, the first plane struck the North Tower at 8:46 a.m.:8:46 a.m. The first impact was that of American Airlines Flight 11, which crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center complex in Lower Manhattan at 8:46 a.m. Sixteen minutes later, at 9:03, the World Trade Center's South Tower was hit by United Airlines Flight 175.

Tomorrow is the last full day of Virgo, the same sign under which the Twin Towers were destroyed.

"Virgo" = 846 (Latin)

On 9/11 this year, a player named Leonard Floyd caused Aaron Rodgers’ injury during his first game in a Jets uniform. See my post on his numerology from last week. This is noteworthy because back in 2020, it was initially reported that George Floyd was knelt on for 8:46, until this was changed in March of 2021:

Today is 3 years, 119 days after George Floyd died:

The World Trade Center was destroyed 3119 days after it was bombed:

"George Floyd" = 119 (Ordinal)

Floyd had Primary birth numerology of 116, which is an upside-down 911:(10) + (14) + (19) + (73) = 116

Murdoch launched FOX News during Brown Lunation # 912, News Corp went defunct during Lunation # 1119, and FOX Corporation was founded Lunation # 1190:

FOX Corporation was even founded on March 19th, which was the birthday of Derek Chauvin, who was sentenced to jail for Floyd’s death.

The 119th Prime number is 653

Murdoch was exactly 65 years, 30 weeks old when FOX News launched:

News Corp was established during Brown Lunation # 707:

September eleventh and World Trade Center both = 77

Floyd was 10,194 days old on September eleventh, Two thousand one:

September eleventh and Two thousand one both = 194 Ordinal

Skull and Bones / Yale / 666

Rupert Murdoch was exactly 70 months, 6 days (or 25752 days) old on the date of the 9/11 attacks:

Skull and Bones = 76, 572, and 752

"Rupert Murdoch" = 223 (Reverse Caps Added)

Yale University turns 322 years old next month. This has been the main focus of this Blog all year.

1409 is the 223rd Prime number

In Ordinal, Skull and Bones = 149 and Skull and Crossbones = 223

FOX News was founded exactly 1409 weeks before Yale turns 322 years old:

FOX News was launched 1800 days before 9/11:

FOX = 18, Rupert Murdoch, Murdoch, and Australian all = 180

George Floyd died 1008 days after the first Great American Eclipse:

Today is 18 days before Yale’s anniversary and 180 days before FOX Corp’s anniversary:

18 is 6+6+6

FOX Corporation was founded a span of exactly 238 weeks (or 1,666 days) before Yale’s special anniversary:

"Six hundred sixty six" = 2038 (Latin)

"FOX" = 666 (Standard)

Six six six has matching 171 gematria with both Rupert Murdoch and George Floyd.

Six six six, Rupert Murdoch, and George Floyd all = 171

Yale was founded in 1701 on 10/09 or 10/9:

Floyd died 1009 days (w/ end date) after the 2017 Eclipse and 109 days before September 11th:

FOX News hit the airwaves on a date with Standard numerology of 113:(10) + (7) + (96) = 113

News Corp has Ordinal gematria of 113, the number for dishonesty.

"News Corp" = 113 (Ordinal)

"Keith Rupert Murdoch" = 311 (Capitals Added)

"The Beast" = 311 (Latin)

Today is 3 years, 101 days (or 1197 days) after Chappelle’s 8:46 special:

Six six six = 311 Caps Mixed and 1197 Latin

Eclipse Code

Rupert Murdoch has assumed the role of Chairman Emeritus. This phrase is such a perfect match with Eclipse of the Sun, I don’t even really have a phrase for it. Maybe a Super-Dupermatch? That’s kind of lame.

Chairman Emeritus and Eclipse of the Sun both = 691, 951, 177, and 87

News Corp is headquartered at 1211 Avenue of the Americas:

The 2020 Total solar eclipse, which occurred the same day the FDA announced its COVID-19 vaccine approval, fell 1211 days after the first Great American Eclipse and 1211 days before the second:

Notice how that 2020 Eclipse over Argentina was on 12/14.

Today is 1214 days after the death of George Floyd:

Eclipses always occur One, five, or six lunar phases after the last one.

"One five six" = 1214 (Latin)

The 156th Prime number is 911

FOX News first aired on a date with Primary numerology of 132:(10) + (7) + (19) + (96) = 132

Rupert Murdoch‘s full name sums to 233 Ordinal and 1032 Latin.

Keith Rupert Murdoch = 233 Ordinal and 1302 Latin

The 2017 Great American Eclipse fell on the 233rd day of the year, leaving 132 days on the calendar:

George Floyd was born 2222 weeks after Rupert Murdoch:

Today is 2222 days (or exactly 73 months) after the 2017 Solar Eclipse over the U.S.:

Australian and Solar eclipse both = 73 Reverse Reduction

Today has Primary numerology of 73:(9) + (21) + (20) + (23) = 73

Floyd and Chappelle were both born in ’73

George Floyd was born 7 months, 3 days after Murdoch’s birthday:

Sacrifice and Floyd both = 73 and 62

Floyd died a span of exactly 62 weeks after FOX Corporation’s founding:

Today’s news falls on 9/21. These are the same three digits found in Chairman Emeritus when using Fibonacci numbers.

"Chairman Emeritus" = 912 (Fibonacci)

World Trade Center and Eight forty six both = 185 and 1110

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