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Organic Matrix – Explaining My Own “Fear and Loathing” Synchronicity

My most recent video was about the ongoing riddle connecting famous author Hunter S. Thompson to the Super Bowl being played in Las Vegas in February of 2024.

While compiling the data for that video, something positively profound struck me. I myself am coded with numbers similar to this movie, and in 2007, I experienced by own “Fear and Loathing” riddle by the numbers.

For all my years prior to discovering the remarkable world of numerology, no hobby or topic was able to hold my attention for more than a couple of years. The reason I’ve been making gematria videos for almost seven years, and Blog posts for almost six, is not just because I’ve been continuing to learn this whole time – but because it’s the type of learning that has brought me spiritual growth and awareness that was desperately missing from my life. And I believe many others would benefit from this perspective as well.

This post will focus on how there was a significant Fear and Loathing riddle in my life. The 1998 movie was released on May 22nd, 5/22. This syncs up with my first+last name, Derek Tikkuri.

"Fear and Loathing" = 522 (Standard)

"Derek Tikkuri" = 522 (Latin)

The film came out in 1998. That’s the same year I started to notice numerical patterns in the world. See my post where I show my first-ever decode from when I was 13.

The Synchronicity

The name Hunter was not one I was very familiar with growing up outside of Mr. Thompson. While the topics he wrote about were a bit adult for me at the time, I found myself enthralled with his style of writing, invoking a sense of captivity I had not experienced from reading before. To this day, I can’t shake the sense that Hunter S. Thompson was the recipient of a nearly-transcendental gift of writing.

For whatever reason, I have taken a particular enjoyment in completing decodes connected to Hunter over the past couple of years, as if uncovering his connections to the Universe confirm his standing as an influential figure in my life, as I’ve always strived myself to be an exceptional writer. But there’s so much more to this, and it’s absolutely worth posting about.

Hunter S. Thompson had the book Fear and Loathing published in the year ’72.

Hunter S Thompson = 72 and 72, Fear and Loathing = 72 and 270

Note the Reverse value of 270. In the year 2007, I briefly moved to Los Angeles in hopes of chasing my first dream of becoming a musician. I stayed in Las Vegas for one night on my way out there. It didn’t take long for me to realize how much I hated living in L.A., however, and I would return to Milwaukee after just a couple of months.

About a month after getting back, I had a fallout with a girl I was seeing prior to leaving. It really stung at the time, because although I was throwing away my dreams, I thought I would at least have a lady to come back to. Alas, the deck had other cards for me.

The date of this fallout was quite noteworthy – July 7th, 2007, or 7/7/07. Years later, I learned that this was solar resurrection day – the date on which the Sun was further from Earth than it had been in eleven years. This blew my mind.

(Note: Aphelion actually occurred 7 minutes before 7/7/07. According to source data, the 2008 aphelion was actually slightly further)

On that same day, my friend Jim reached out to me and asked if I wanted to go to a rave in the middle of Wisconsin that night. We’d be traveling up there with his friend, whose name was Hunter. From what I can remember, this was the first guy with that name I’d ever met.

The rave was an offer I probably would have refused, but given the circumstances, I was ready to let loose and meet more people. But what I was really hoping for that night was to get my hands on some drugs, as I figured that would help with what I was going through.

I don’t talk about drugs or my use of them very often on this Blog. I’ve had both positive and negative experiences in my limited history, and I feel their use is subjective to each individual. I see them as a “shortcut” to enlightenment that can be more thoroughly processed with observation and knowledge.

In 2007, it had been a couple of years since I experimented with anything, so with all that was going down, I was ready once again. However, things didn’t quite go as planned that night – this was before GPS, and my friend got lost on the way up. We wound up getting there like three hours late and the party had already ended. So we slept for a couple of hours in the Jeep and just returned home.

Despite the failed trip, I found that I got along with Hunter pretty well. I found out he was DJ’ing at the same bar I was at the time…and not only was his name Hunter, but a month or two prior, he actually dressed up as Hunter S. Thompson for one of his shows.

We started hanging out and a couple of months later, collaborated to do a back-to-back DJ set at one of the bars we used to play our music at. That fell on Friday, September 28th, 2007. Clearly, I’ve always been a stickler for dates, even well before this Blog.

Fear and Loathing

This trip I had with Hunter occurred on 7/7/07. Amusingly, this was the anniversary of the publication date for Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas:

Think about how the number 4:20 is often used as a reference to marijuana.

My misadventure fell exactly 420 months after the book was published:

My friend Hunter’s stage name was DJ Gut.

DJ Gut and Fear and Loathing both = 372

The last name Thompson means twin. My last video explained how Hunter S. Thompson was heavily-connected to the 9/11 attacks in 2001.

"DJ Gut" = 911 (Latin)

My collaboration with Hunter was 116 days after my birthday:

Skull and Bones = 149, Hunter DJ Gut = 149 and 888, Fear and Loathing = 888

…But how wild is this?!

I was 8068 days old for the trip, and it was a span of 868 days after Hunter S. Thompson died:

"Hunter S Thompson" = 1233 (Fibonacci)

I was born a span of 12 years, 333 days after Fear and Loathing was published:

My excursion was 3333 days after the release of the film:

July 7th falls 33 days after my birthday:

"Gut" = 33 (Reverse)

Hunter S. Thompson died on a date with Primary numerology of 47:(2) + (20) + (20) + (05) = 47

I was born a span of 47 years, 322 days after Hunter S. Thompson’s:

"Fear and Loathing" = 322 (Reverse Caps Added)

September 28th Show

Recall how the Fear and Loathing film was released exactly 1350 weeks after the book was published.

Fear and Loathing = 135, Hunter S Thompson = 1350

Thompson’s pseudonym in the story is Raoul Duke.

"Raoul Duke" = 135 (Reverse)

My set with Hunter was 135 weeks (or 2 years, 220 days) after Hunter S. Thompson died:

Our set was a span of 2 months, 22 days after the trip:

This all occurred when I was 22 years old:

Raoul and Duke both = 22

The Brotherhood of Death = 220 and Skull and Bones = 202

The set was on September 28th, the 271st day of the year:

"Hunter Stockton Thompson" = 271 (Reverse)

My name sums to 772 in Standard gematria, and I was born during Brown Lunation # 772.

"Derek Tikkuri" = 772 (Standard)

Thompson would have been 70 years, 72 days old when I played a set with Hunter:

Our show was during Brown Lunation # 1048:

"Hunter DJ Gut" = 148 (Ordinal)

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