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My First Ever Decode From 1998

Earlier this year, I made this post that showed a screenshot from a different blog I used to write in when I was around 20 years old. In that old blog post, I mused about the numerical oddities I was experiencing in life, and how they were probably meaningless…something I found pretty funny, considering I now try to teach people that numerical synchronicities are not random, and are in fact something we can learn from.

I was perusing one of my old notebooks last night and came across this decode from 1998, when I was 13 years old, which I had completely forgotten about. I guess I’ve been at this for way longer than even I can remember.

(Click to enlarge):

The decode starts out hot, but quickly devolves into the type of number manipulation someone who sees one of my videos for the first time accuses me of.

That being said, there ARE some pretty interesting things in here. I like how McGwire hit the baseball marked with #3 on the 3rd pitch to become the 3rd player to hit 60 home runs. If only young Derek knew about gematria…maybe he could have made this post instead.

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