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Vaccinated Chris Rock Diagnosed with COVID-19

Chris Rock says he has COVID-19 despite Johnson & Johnson vaccination

On the heels of major celebrity deaths connected to Saturday Night Live (see Trevor Moore and Norm Macdonald), former SNL alum Chris Rock is now in the news for getting COVID-19.

Logic may tell you that someone who got a breakthrough case of COVID-19 while being vaccinated would be less likely to tell people to get the jab. Hell, yours didn’t work! So why do you think mine will?!

I guess people really do buy in to the idea that their symptoms will not be as bad, all without realizing their shot is what got them sick in the first place.

This story was picked up by the media and made headlines on a date with Standard numerology of 50:(9) + (20) + (21) = 50

"Chris Rock" = 50 (Full Reduction)

September 20th is the 263rd day of the year:

263 is the 56th Prime number
Rock is 56 years old

Coronavirus = 56 and 70

September 20th also had Primary numerology of 70:(9) + (20) + (20) + (21) = 70

Chris and Corona both = 30 and 33

Chris revealed his Corona diagnosis on the 19th, which fell 224 days after his birthday:

In Jewish, Chris = 190 and Corons = 224

The 19th Prime number is 67

Christopher and COVID Nineteen both = 67 and 139

139 is the 34th Prime number

The date of this news had a Life Lesson number of 34:(9) + (20) + 2+0+2+1 = 34

Chris Rock’s birthday is February 7th, which can be written as 7/2.

"COVID-19" = 72 (English Ordinal)

"Breakthrough case" = 72 (Full Reduction)

Rock has Primary birth numerology of 93, further connecting him to the Coronavirus:(2) + (7) + (19) + (65) = 93

"Rock" = 93 (Franc Baconis)

"Coronavirus" = 930 (English Sumerian)

There’s more to the riddle…Chris’s Tweet fell 133 weeks, 1 day before the 2024 Total solar eclipse. Recall how 1331 was the year the Black Death plague started in Hubei, China, the same province where COVID allegedly originated. “Coronavirus” = 1303 and this story made the news exactly 133 weeks before that eclipse.

Chris Paul Connection

Chris Rock made his Tweet on 9/19. On the date 6/16, another Chris stated that he had Corona – Chris Paul missed several playoff games as a result. Chris Paul’s birthday is 5/6, while Chris Rock is 56 years old. “Coronavirus” = 56.

Paul’s full name has matching gematria with Thirty-three.

Christopher Emmanuel Paul and Thirty-three both = 1515 Extended

The stories are separated by 3 months, 3 days. As shown above, “Chris” = 33 and “Corona” = 33. The two men were born almost exactly 1056 weeks apart:

"Thirty-three" = 156 (English Ordinal)

The 33rd Prime number is 137

Chris Paul was 137 days after his birthday when Rock made his Tweet and made headlines the next day:

Without the end date, Rock’s Tweet was 136 days after CP3’s birthday. “Chris Paul” = 136.

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