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NFL Tribute to Hunter Biden on September 14th

Yesterday, I made this post that explained how the September 14th indictment of Hunter Biden was a riddle connected to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and the NFL. My follow-up post also has more information on this.

That same night, the Thursday Night Football game featured the Vikings and Eagles. The Vikings have a defensive lineman named Danielle Hunter – one of only (I believe) three active “Hunters” in the league along with Hunter Renfrow and Hunter Henry.

But not only was Hunter in this game – he dominated with three sacks on Jalen Hurts:

Two of these sacks came on back-to-back plays in the fourth quarter, knocking the Eagles out of field goal range to keep Minnesota in the game. The first sack made it 3rd and 23, where Hunter would again reach the quarterback:

"Hunter Stockton Thompson" = 323 (Ordinal)

Hunter Stockton Thompson died a span of 3 months, 23 days after Danielle Hunter‘s birthday, and 148 days before his own:

Danielle Hunter and Indicted both = 148 and 888

Danielle was born during Brown Lunation # 888:

"Fear and Loathing" = 888 (Fibonacci)

In Reverse, Hunter Stockton Thompson sums to 271.

"Hunter Stockton Thompson" = 271 (Reverse)

271 is the 58th Prime number

Danielle was born a span of 58 years, 104 days after Thompson:

"Danielle" = 104 (Latin)

This is the NFL’s 104th season

Danielle Hunter was 10 months, 16 days after his birthday for the game:

"Hunter Stockton Thompson" = 116 (Single Reduction)

The name Danielle even has matching Extended gematria with Thompson’s full name.

Danielle = 134 and Hunter Stockton Thompson = 1304


The name Danielle is unusual for a male, although it is pronounced da-NEEL, different from how a female’s name is typically pronounced.

Danielle and Fear and Loathing both = 372

Danielle was born on a date with a Life Lesson number of 62:(10) + (29) + 1+9+9+4 = 62

"Danielle" = 62 (Ordinal)

There were a total of 62 points scored in this game:

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