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Las Vegas Raiders – A “Skull and Bones” Team

The Raiders were founded just days before America turned 2203 months old:

Las Vegas is hosting the Super Bowl that ends the 2023 NFL season.

"Las Vegas" = 130 (Reverse)

Skull & Bones has gematria of 130 and 140.

Skull Bones = 130 and 140

14 squared is 196

The Raiders were officially established on 1/30/1960:

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas was published days after America turned 196 years old:

Oakland, California has a meaty amount of matches with Skull and Bones.

Oakland = 166, 58, 22, and 41, Skull and Bones = 202 and 41, Secret society = 166 and 58

Oakland California, Raiders, Skull and Bones society, and Masonic all = 74

Now they’re in Las Vegas, Nevada. See my other recent posts on how this connects to Johnny Depp, who played Hunter S. Thompson in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Skull and Bones = 1047 Fibonacci, Las Vegas Raiders, Las Vegas Nevada, Skull and Bones society, and John Christopher Depp II all = 1470

Brotherhood has Ordinal gematria of 128.

"Brotherhood" = 128 (Ordinal)

The Brotherhood was 128 years old when the Raiders were founded:

The Fear and Loathing movie was released 1208 days before 9/11:

The actor who portrayed Hunter S. Thompson in the Fear and Loathing film was Johnny Depp, who shares a first name with John Madden.

"John Christopher Depp II" = 128 (Reduction)

John Madden was 1028 months old when he died:

John Madden died 10 months, 28 days after the Raiders’ anniversary:

Biden’s indictment fell a span of 1 month, 28 days after Thompson’s birthday:

Hunter Biden was 12800 days old when Thompson died:

Super Bowls

The first head coach to lead the Raiders to a Super Bowl victory was the legendary John Madden.

Madden and the Raiders won Super Bowl 11

John Madden was born on the 101st day of a leap year:

He died a span of exactly 101 weeks after the Raiders moved to Las Vegas:

This is the Reverse value of 223 and 322.

Two hundred twenty three, Three hundred twenty two, Las Vegas Raiders, and Skull and Bones society all = 101

Hunter S. Thompson and Johnny Depp are both from Kentucky.

"Kentucky" = 110 (Ordinal)

The Raiders’ founding date had Primary numerology of 110 and 47:(1) + (30) + (19) + (60) = 110 and (1) + (30) + 1+9+6+0 = 47

Skull and crossbones = 110 and Raiders = 47

The franchise has since won two more Super Bowls, capping the 61st and 64th NFL seasons.

"Skull and crossbones" = 61 (Reduction)

32×2 = 64 and "Skull and Bones" = 604 (Satanic)

In the only Super Bowl the Raiders have played in since then, they lost to Tampa Bay, the other Skull and Bones team. Learn more about that game in my recent post on Super Bowl XXXVII and Mike Williams.

"XXXVII" = 322 (Satanic)

That game ended the 2002 NFL season. The Raiders made their relocation from Oakland official on the 22nd day of 2020. Skull and Bones is also known as The Brotherhood of Death. The Raiders were led to their first Super Bowl win in Pasadena by NFL legend John Madden.

Oakland = 22, The Brotherhood of Death = 220, Skull and Bones = 202, Pasadena = 202, and John Earl Madden = 202

Sixty-six (66)

Kentucky has Sumerian gematria of 660, matching Fear and Loathing in Satanic. Consider how this is all connected to Biden doing Drugs.

Kentucky = 660, Fear and Loathing = 660, Biden = 606, Drugs = 66

Madden was 66 weeks old when Thompson was born:

3×22 = 66. Skull and Bones and Sixty-six both = 149, 41, and 59

"Sixty six" = 2318 (Standard)

These are the same four digits in the year Skull and Bones was founded – 1832:

The Raiders were founded 8231 days after Hunter S. Thompson was born:

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