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Names of Osprey Crash Victims Released

3 Marines killed in V-22 Osprey crash in Australia identified
The aircraft that crashed carried 23 service members, U.S. officials said.

Last night, I made this post on the significance of September 14th. At the end of that post, I point out how the numerology of Barack Obama points to him being part of a riddle on that date.

Intriguingly, it turns out that on that very same day, Joe the Plumber, who was a big character connected to Obama’s election in 2008, passed away. See my post on his death and my follow-up exploring the Skull and Bones syncs.

The analysis on September 14th arose out of my realization that it falls 2216 days after the Great American Eclipse, a number that was associated with Barack Obama last year. The former president was born on the 216th day of the year.

Remarkably, the names of the three victims in the V-22 Osprey crash that I made a video on yesterday sum to 2216 and 216.

Spencer Collart Tobin Lewis Eleanor LeBeau = 2216 Latin and 216 Reverse Reduction

Three people dead in the Jacksonville shooting…Three people dead in the Osprey crash…like 33? Something smells fishy here.

So what exactly does this mean? Yesterday was a span of 19 days before September 14th, which is the number of years in the Metonic cycle = 668. Obama was 22,668 days old.

Metonic cycle = 127 253, and the 2024 Eclipse falls 127 days after Joe the Plumber’s birthday and 2053 days after John McCain died.

Meton = 225 and the Plumber’s death was 225 days before that same Eclipse.

Also worth noting that the crash in Australia, along with the death of Joe the Plumber, fell on the 239th day of the year.

239 is the 52nd Prime number and it was 5 years, 2 days after John McCain died.

"Australia" = 502 (Latin)

McCain died just one day before the Jacksonville Landing shooting. The shooting in Jacksonville this week fell on the anniversary of that incident.

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