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Televangelist Pat Robertson of “The 700 Club” Dies @ 93

Pat Robertson, Christian televangelist and one-time presidential candidate, dies at age 93

One of the most famous Christians in popular culture has died at age 93. It’s believed that Christ was crucified on the 93rd day of the year between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. A man hanging on a cross would be pointing to 9 and 3 if a clock was behind him. The first man, Adam, lives to the age of 930.

Gods son, Nazareth, and Crucifix all = 93 Ordinal, Christianity = 930 Sumerian

Pat Robertson’s real name was Marion Gordon Robertson.

"Marion Gordon Robertson" = 269 (Ordinal)

269 is the 57th Prime number

He died on 6/8, a date with Primary numerology of 57:(6) + (8) + (20) + (23) = 57

Pat founded the Christian Broadcasting Network, where he hosted its flagship show The 700 Club.

He passed away 68 days after the 57th anniversary of The 700 Club:

Marion Gordon “Pat” Robertson has double gematria of 68 with Capital letters.

Marion Gordon Pat Robertson

Pat’s death occurred at 93 years, 78 days of age:

The Seven Hundred Club = 93 Single Reduction, The 700 Club = 78 Ordinal

He was born on March 22nd, or 3/22, and taught about an Abrahamic religion.

Abrahamic religions and Ancient mystery religions both = 322 Reverse

The 322nd day of the year is 11/18:

Robertson was a total of 1118 months old:

"Marion Gordon Robertson" = 118 (Reverse Reduction)

Death and Homicide both = 118 Latin

"Seven hundred" = 1181 (Latin)

Pro Wrestling / Televangelism

The death of Pat Robertson fell just one day after the death of former WWF Champion The Iron Sheik. What does a television preacher have to do with a pro wrestler?

Last month, I made this post on the passing of “Superstar” Billy Graham, another former WWF Champion who just died at age 79. That post focuses on the numerical alignments between him and the televangelist he shares a name with – the Reverend Billy Graham.

“Superstar” Billy Graham was born on June 7th. That’s the same birthday as the Original Sheik, and the same date that the Iron Sheik died on.

Robertson died 1933 days after the Reverend Billy Graham:

1933 is the 295th Prime number

"Superstar Billy Graham" = 295 (Reverse)

“Superstar” Billy Graham was born exactly 295 months after the Pastor, or 212 days after his birthday:

212 is the Ordinal value of the Reverend’s full name.

"William Franklin Graham" = 212 (Ordinal)

My Own Synchronicity

In my video on the death of the Iron Sheik, I go into detail about his connections to the Eclipse code.

The last section of the video details an organic synchronicity I had with that story. It had to do with the fact that my friend told me about his former roommate who, barring a miraculous recovery, will be taken off of life support following an ATV accident.

The Iron Sheik died on the Original Sheik’s 6/7 birthday. That friend has Reduction gematria of 67 like Total solar eclipse, and he was the one person I went to watch the 2017 total eclipse with. We watched that eclipse in the city of Marion, Illinois. Pat Robertson’s first name was Marion.

It’s a minor connection, but there’s always something…

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