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Former WWF Champion The Iron Sheik Dies @ 81

The Iron Sheik, WWE legend and Hulk Hogan rival, dead at 81

Up until yesterday, I always thought The Iron Sheik was the uncle of fellow professional wrestler Sabu. I even mentioned the Iron Sheik a few times to my friend because last week, because Sabu was rather “randomly” featured on All Elite Wrestling’s Double or Nothing pay-per-view last weekend.

May 28th, 2023

As it turns out, Sabu is actually the nephew of a different pro wrestler known as simply The Sheik, who would also come to be known as The Original Sheik following the Iron Sheik’s debut.

The Original Sheik was born on June 7th:

That Sheik died at the age of 76. Somewhat remarkably, the Iron Sheik died on June 7th, written 7/6 or 6/7:

67 is a number commonly associated with death.

Human sacrifice and Blood sacrifice both = 67 and 76

The Iron Sheik passed away at 29,670 days of age:

The Sheik, the Iron Sheik, and Sabu all wore turbans on their way to the ring. One day before the Iron Sheik died, Saudi Arabian LIV Golf merged with the PGA. The House of Saud wears turbans, or perhaps more specifically, shemagh.

LIV is 54 in Roman numerals

Iron Sheik = 54 in both Reduction methods

He was 81 years old

Islam = 54 and 81

WWE’s last pay-per-view event, Night of Champions, was held in Saudi Arabia. This post will examine how the Iron Sheik’s death was connected to the night he won the championship.

Thirty-eight (38)

The Iron Sheik was born in Iran, a Muslim nation. We are currently in the year 1444 on the Islamic calendar.

1444 is the 38th square number

Another number strongly-connected to Death is 38.

The Original Sheik died a span of 38 days after his nephew Sabu’s 38th birthday:

The Iron Sheik won the WWF Championship in ’83.

"Sheik" = 83 (Reverse)

Sabu was born 8308 days after the Iron Sheik:

The 38th Prime number is 163

The Iron Sheik died 163 days after the anniversary of his title win and 1063 weeks after the Original Sheik:

COVID / Eclipse Riddle

In 2021, Sabu’s girlfriend Melissa Coates reportedly died in her sleep due to complications of Coronavirus.

"Melissa Lavinia Coates" = 331 (Reverse)

331 is the 67th Prime number

"COVID Nineteen" = 67 (Reduction)

Coates died exactly 67 weeks after COVID Nineteen was declared a global pandemic:

The Iron Sheik passed away on 6/7

The Sun’s upper atmosphere, or Corona, is only visible to the naked eye during a Total solar eclipse.

Total solar eclipse = 67 and 704

Sabu appeared on AEW 704 days after Melissa Coates died:

"Melissa Lavinia Coates" = 74 (Reduction)

The Iron Sheik won the WWF Title during Sabu’s 994th week since birth, and died 994 weeks later:

Total solar eclipse = 994 Standard and 202 Ordinal

Iron Sheik’s title win fell 202 days after the Original Sheik’s birthday:

There’s several more relevant alignments for the Original Sheik’s age when the Iron Sheik won gold.

The Original Sheik was also 690 months (or exactly 3003 weeks) old:

The Sheik was also 57, or exactly 21021 days old for the win:

Moon = 57 and 21

The Iron Sheik was born in Iran, which is a Muslim nation. The Islamic calendar is based on the 12-month lunar calendar.

He died on 6/7 and 67 is the 19th Prime number. There are 19 years in the Moon’s Metonic cycle.

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