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Train Derailment in India Kills Almost 300 Travelers

288 Dead, 803 Injured After Horrific Three-Train Crash In Odisha

A massive Train crash happened on 6/2/23?

Train = 62 Ordinal and 230 Latin

A tragedy of nearly unthinkable proportions occurred yesterday when two different passenger trains collided with a derailed freight train, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of civilians, with nearly a thousand more requiring medical treatment.

Holy shit

From a mystical perspective, we shouldn’t be too surprised at this type of disaster. On Thursday, I made this video on Joe Biden’s fall during an Air Force graduation ceremony, explaining how it was a riddle connected to the deaths of John F. Kennedy, Kobe Bryant, and Glenn Miller – all of which occurred while they were traveling. The theme of that incident was the planet and mythological god of Mercury, who is the “god of travelers.”

The Date – 6/2 or 2/6

The president of India was born on June 20th, written 6/20 or 20/6.

Murmu turned 62 years old 1 day before the 6/21 Middle Eclipse over India that began Lunation # 1206:

Their prime minister Narendra Modi was born on the 260th day of the year:

"Narendra Modi" = 260 (Reverse Caps Added)

This accident happened on June 2nd, written 6/2 or 2/06.

Sacrifice = 62 and 206

The word Train sums to 62 in Ordinal.

Train = 62 Ordinal, India = 63 Caps Added and Latin

Efforts continued into the morning of June 3rd, or 6/3, which is the value of India in two different ciphers. The crash was closest to the city of Balasore, which has matching 73 gematria with Train and Train derailment.

India, Balasore, Sacrifice, Train, and Train derailment all = 73

62 and 73 matches the Reduction gematria of Narendra Modi, who was sent to the scene of the crash.

Narendra Modi = 62 and 73

His full name sums to 97.

"Narendra Damodardas Modi" = 97 (Reduction)

The crash fell 9 years, 7 days  (or 108 months, 7 days) after Modi took office:

Death = 97 and 1807 Reverse

Modi was also 107 days before his 73rd birthday.

Ritual sacrifice = 107 and 73 Reduction

Modi’s full name also sums to 196 in Ordinal. This is the same as the birth name of the president he currently serves alongside.

"Narendra Damodardas Modi" = 196 (Ordinal)

"Puti Biranchi Tudu" = 196 (Ordinal)

196 is 14 squared

Narendra Damodardas Modi is the 14th Prime Minister of India. He took office on May 26th, or 5/26.

"East Palestine" = 526 (Latin)

East Palestine, Ohio

Narendra Modi sums to 230 with Caps, matching the city of Balasore.

Narendra Modi and Balasore both = 230

This is the Latin value of Train.

"Train" = 230 (Latin)

Earlier this year, on 2/3/23, we got this story about a train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio.

Yesterday’s accident fell 119 days after the derailment in East Palestine:

The word Derail sums to 119 in that same cipher.

"Derail" = 119 (Latin)

One of the trains involved was the Coromandel Express, one of Indian Railways’ flagship vehicles. It has a numerical designation of 12841, which is the 1531st Prime number.

The date it crashed had numerology of both 15 and 31:6 + 2 + 2+0+2+3 = 15 and (6) + (2) + (23) = 31

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