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Train Derailment in East Palestine, Ohio

Video shows sparks and flames well before Ohio train derailment

Over the past few days, we learned the train that derailed earlier this month in East Palestine, Ohio was on fire for at least 20 miles before the crash. The video in the linked story is captured from a security camera in Salem, Ohio.

The fact that this was in East Palestine suggested there may be a riddle connected to the Israeli holy land, and the video from Salem seems to cement this, as the capital of Israel is Jerusalem.

Benjamin Netanyahu

The current Prime Minister of Israel is Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu, who began his third term in office just this past year on December 29th.

The Train derailment fell 230 days after June 18th, the date he first took office:

"Train" = 230 (Latin)

The train derailment in Ohio occurred on February 3rd, of 2023, or 2/3/23. You could say this date is like 2 23‘s, and this is the year 2023. Israel uses a lunisolar calendar whose months are defined by exact lunar phases. 223 is the number that connects the crash to a previous derailment in Graniteville, SC from 2005.

February 3rd was 223 Lunations after the 2005 Norfolk Southern derailment:

The Moon has a Hebrew value of 223 in Standard Gematria:

223 is the 48th Prime number. The derailment happened on a date with Primary numerology of 48:(2) + (3) + (20) + (23) = 48

’48 is the year Israel was founded:

The train derailed a span of 266 years after Israel’s anniversary:

"East Palestine Ohio" = 266 (Reverse)

Israel’s founding date is 14/5
The 145th Prime number is 829

This syncs up with Norfolk Southern, whom the train belonged to.

"Norfolk Southern" = 829 (Latin)

Star Numbers

Back to 223223 is the Latin value of Masonic, which shares Ordinal and Reduction gematria with Jewish.

Masonic = 223, 74, and 38. Jewish = 74 and 38

The derailment occurred a span of exactly 74 years, 38 weeks after Israel declared independence:

"Palestine" = 38 (Reduction)

The 38th Prime number is 163

Train derailment = 163 and 73

Train = 73 and 37 Reverse

73 and 37 are both Star numbers

Bibi is 73 years old, and the Train derailed during his 37th day in office:

"Netanyahu" = 37 (Reduction)

Isaac Herzog

Netanyahu serves as Israel’s Prime Minister, while the nation’s president is Isaac Herzog.

The derailment was 134 days after Herzog’s birthday:

Not only does Netanyahu sum to 134 in Reverse, but Benjamin Netanyahu yields a 134 in Hebrew Ordinal.

"Netanyahu" = 134 (Reverse)

Benjamin Netanyahu = 134 Hebrew Ordinal

Jesuit Order

The hazardous substance spilled was Vinyl chloride. This sums to 75 in Reduction.

"Vinyl chloride" = 75 (Reduction)

Benjamin Netanyahu was born exactly 75 weeks (or 17 months, 7 days) after Israel declared its independence:

"Benjamin Netanyahu" = 177 (Ordinal)

This matches the Ordinal value of The Jesuit Order.

"The Jesuit Order" = 177 (Ordinal)

The Jesuit Order was 176,177 days old on February 3rd:

The Jesuits were founded in 1540, the same four digits in Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu.

"Benjamin Bibi Netanyahu" = 1504 (Standard)

His third term began on 12/29
is the 201st Prime number

The Jesuit Order, Ignatius of Loyola, Francis Xavier, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, and Domus Sanctae Marthae all = 201

Saturn worship, Saturn worshiping, and Ohio all = 201

1331 “Saturn” Riddle

The derailment was 105 days after Bibi’s birthday:

"Three hundred thirty one" = 105 (Reverse Reduction)

Netanyahu’s current term as Prime Minister is his third. His second term began on the date 3/31, which stands out because the train derailment fell on the date leaving 331 days in the year:

"Three hundred ninety three" = 1331 (Latin)

These two dates were a span of 13 years, 310 days apart:

"Saturn" = 30 (Single Reduction)

The 1331st Prime number is 10957, which is the exact number of days in 30 years. Saturn‘s orbital period is a nearly-identical 10759 days.

"Saturn" = 511 (Latin)

The derailment fell 11511 Saturnian Days after the start of his second term:

Saturn sums to 713 in Hebrew gematria:

Bibi was 713 months old when that second term began:

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