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The “85 Hammer” at ATI Ladish in Cudahy, WI

There exists an alternate dimension where Gematrinator.com does not exist. In that iteration of reality, gematria/numerology was just another brief obsession held within the chaotic brain of Derek Tikkuri as he meandered about the world, attempting to make sense of his existence with withering success. In that world, Derek succumbed to the notion that numbers can be manipulated to say just about anything, and lost interest when his sports futures failed to come through.

That version of reality is not that many layers of fabric away from the one we inhabit today. The events of November 2nd, 2016 and the following day, November 3rd, are forever etched in my mind as the catalysts for what my life has since become.

When I first discovered gematria, I did not have a proper understanding of the mystical traditions that surrounded the practice, and was fully on-board with the idea that all of the synchronicity we see through numbers and symbols were simply the work of men sworn to secrecy, tasked with mocking the public on a daily basis to keep them vibrating at a frequency low enough to be able to control.

Then came the 2016 World Series featuring the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians. As a lifelong resident of the Milwaukee area, which lies just north of the Windy City, I was well-acquainted with many people who were living and dying with every pitch. Since this was the first time either the Cubs or Brewers were playing in the Fall Classic during my lifetime, it was easy to use the Cubs as a proxy to experience the postseason magic I had always craved growing up.

Although I was convinced the games would be “rigged”, I found myself stunned at the remarkable way things panned out. I had no problem understanding that highly-paid athletes might be throwing games, but I had a very difficult time understanding how it could be done so perfectly. There are many examples to go over, particularly in Game 7, but none is as awesome as Rajai Davis’s game-tying home run in the bottom of the 8th inning.

You could sit there and make the argument that professional baseball players can hit home runs on command. Maybe…if the ball is offspeed, thrown up in the zone, and the hitter is expecting it, then he should be able to hit a home run often – but he won’t do it 100% of the time.

But a 98 MPH fastball thrown below the knees on a two-strike count while choking up on the bat? That is a lot more difficult. And not only does Davis get it over the left field wall – the ball hits the lens of FOX’s television camera. I had never seen this happen before, and can’t recall it happening since.

"Rajai Lavae Davis" = 108 (Reverse Reduction)

Despite accurately predicting that year’s World Series all the way down to who would be responsible for the winning run, I was unable to understand what I had truly just witnessed. Even if the game was rigged, how did all of these amazing things continue happening? It was perplexing enough for me to open up my mind to the idea that perhaps something greater was happening on the field that night.

The same day I asked the Man upstairs for guidance, my sister-in-law, whom I was living with at the time, lost her father to a workplace accident. Realizing I had asked for a sign earlier that day, I decided to look at some gematria to see if I could “decode” the incident. I can’t explain how weird it felt to type the name of someone I actually knew into my calculator – but that was precisely the moment that everything I thought I knew about the world had turned upside-down. See one of my first blog posts for a brief rundown of that.

Long story short, it was that incident that flipped a switch in my brain and told me that gematria and numerology was far, far, FAR more fascinating and integral to our existence than anyone had come to realize, outside of perhaps the occult itself. Within two months, I began making gematria videos and built the first version of Gematrinator.com.

New Synchronicity

So why do I bring this story up once again today? As I browsed the local news this morning, I came across this article:


This is the industrial hammer that caused the death of Shawn M. Day, my sister-in-law’s dad. It was more than numerology that made the accident so phenomenal – the steel ring responsible for his death had likely broken into the same C shape as the Cubs’ logo, and this happened the same calendar date as their World Series win. It was the Cubs‘ first World Series victory in 108 years, and their first appearance since ’45.

Shawn M Day = 108, 45, and 45, Cubs = 45

So had it not been for this hammer, it’s very possible I would not be writing on this Blog even to this very day, and I may have never started my business, whose official name is Gematrinator 85. Before today, I never knew that this steel forge was called the 85 Hammer. While the 85 for Gematrinator comes from the year that my business partner and I were both born, I’ve yet to figure out why this number is used for the hammer, which was built in 1959.

The article was posted a span of 2304 days after the passing of Shawn M. Day:

"Shawn M Day" = 2304 (Reverse Standard)

The Cubbies won the World Series in Game 7, which began on November 2nd, or 11/2, but did not end until November 3rd, or 11/3, the date that Shawn died.

February 23rd falls 112 days after 11/3 and 113 days after 11/2:

"Cubbies" = 311 (Latin)

November 3rd can also be written as 3/11. February 23rd, the date of the news article, leaves 311 days in the year:

This year, February 23rd had a Life Lesson number of 32:(2) + (23) + 2+0+2+3 = 32

"Shawn Day" = 32 (Reduction)

Hammer = 32 and 58

Shawn Day died on the date leaving 58 days in the year, while the Hammer was in its 58th year of operation:

The date was also exactly 6 years, 16 weeks after the accident at ATI Ladish:

"ATI Ladish" = 616 (Trigonal)

616 is the alternate number of the Beast, which most people consider to be 666. Multiplying 6×6×6 = 216, and the Cubs won the World Series in 2016. My new website “coincidentally” launched 2160 days after that victory.

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