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Beloved News Journalist Barbara Walters Dies @ 93

Barbara Walters, legendary news anchor, has died at 93

Journalist Barbara Walters, who graced many of our television sets through the formative decades our lives, has passed away at the age of 93.

“You’re not going to try to connect this to the Super Bowl, are you?”

Despite no real intent of doing so, this seems to be paramount to the story.

Ronald Reagan

All year, I’ve been explaining how Ronald Wilson Reagan is connected to the NFL. This relationship is attributed in the numerology of Baker Reagan Mayfield.

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers won the Super Bowl on what would have been Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday:

This year’s Super Bowl is a riddle connected to the 2021 Arch Eclipse and the 2016 death of Prince.

The Arch eclipse fell exactly 100 years after Prince Philip was born:

Ronald Reagan, much like Barbara Walters, died at the age of 93:

The next First Lady after Ronald’s wife Nancy was also named Barbara.

Barbara Bush = 93 and 39

Barbara Bush died when her husband George was 93 years, 309 days old:

The 93rd Prime number is 487

Barbara Walters died 40870 days after Ronald Reagan was born:

See the “Vince Lombardi” section below for more on the number 93, which is literally worshipped in some occult circles.

Ronald Reagan would be turning 112 years old less than a week before the Super Bowl:

"Super Bowl" = 112 (Reverse)

This year’s Super Bowl will be played on the 112th meridian:

Ronald Reagan, who was born in Tampico, was a span of exactly 1120 months old when he died:

"Tampico" = 112 (Reverse)

Barbara Walters would have been 1120 months old for the Super Bowl:

Aaron Rodgers played against Baker Mayfield on Christmas last year, and one week before Christmas this year.

Baker Mayfield and Baker Reagan Mayfield both = 112

Packers Connections

Barbara died 57 days after Packers’ coach Matt LaFleur’s birthday:

The 57th Prime number is 269

Barbara Walters celebrated her birthday on the 269th day of leap years:

Walters passed away 269 days before her next birthday:

Baker Mayfield spent his first few seasons playing for the Browns. Barbara Walters was born in the year ’29 during Brown Lunation 83:

Football = 29 and 83

Aaron Rodgers was born on the date leaving 29 days in the year ’83:

His December 12th birthday can be written as 2/12, which can also represent February 12th, the date of Super Bowl LVII.

"Barbara Jill Walters" = 2012 (Latin)

Barbara Jill Walters, Super Bowl, Fifty seven, and Championship all = 131

She was a trailblazing Journalist, which also sums to 131.

Journalist = 131 and 139

Barbara died 1 year, 3 months, 9 days before the next Great American Eclipse from Saros # 139:

Vince Lombardi

Barbara died on a date with Primary numerology of 84:(12) + (30) + (20) + (22) = 84

The Green Bay Packers and Green Bay Packers both = 84

The man who led The Green Bay Packers to their first two Super Bowl championships was named Vincent Thomas Lombardi.

"The Green Bay Packers" = 93 (Single Reduction)

"Vincent Thomas Lombardi" = 93 (Reduction)

Lombardi died on September 3rd, or 9/3

Vince Lombardi was 20,903 days old when he died:

After Lombardi’s departure from Green Bay, the Packers wallowed in mediocrity until the arrival of quarterback Brett Lorenzo Favre.

"Brett Lorenzo Favre" = 93 (Reverse Reduction)

Favre led the Packers back to the playoffs for the first time in the ’93 season. After a career in which he won one Super Bowl title, Favre left Green Bay so his backup, Aaron Charles Rodgers, could take over.

"Aaron Charles Rodgers" = 93 (Reduction)

Lombardi won Super Bowls 1 and 2, with the first having date numerology of 102. Favre won 1 Super Bowl, and now Rodgers wants 2, with the second one coming 12 years after the first. Super Bowls 45 and 57 both have numerology of 12.

Vincent Thomas Lombardi = 102 and 123, Barbara Walters = 102

Barbara’s death fell on December 30th, or 12/30, a date with numerology of both 12 and 24:1+2 + 3+0 + 2+0+2+2 = 12 and 1 × 2 × 3 × 2 × 2 = 24

"Twelve" = 24 (Reduction)

Walters was 24 days younger than Ronald Reagan was when he died.

Walters passed away 96 days after her birthday:

The NFL season began with a win by Bills’ QB “Josh Allen” = 96, who was born in ’96, the same day that Queen Elizabeth II died at the age of 96, two days after meeting the new British PM on 9/6.

"Walters" = 98 (Ordinal)

That game against the defending champion Rams fell on September 8th, or 9/8. Allen, who was born a span of 98 days after former Bills’ QB Jim Kelly’s birthday, will be 98 days before his birthday for Super Bowl 57.

Super Bowl 57 and Super Bowl Fifty seven both = 98

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