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More “Francis” Riddles – Splash Mountain to Close Next Year

Disney sets closing date for iconic Splash Mountain ride, reveals 2024 'Princess and the Frog' replacement

In my last post, I explained how the arrest made for the murder of rapper Takeoff was a numeric ritual connected to the death of Francis Xavier, a founding member of the Society of Jesus. The numbers of that story also attributed Pope Francis, and then I discovered that Kate Middleton wore a special piece of jewelry to honor Princess Diana, whose middle name is Frances.

Kate Middleton is the Princess of Wales, the same title held by her husband’s mother. Disney’s Splash Mountain will be re-designed to instead feature the film The Princess and the Frog. This seems like a subtle jab at Prince William’s looks, doesn’t it? Hey – it’s not his fault his family is inbred….

Notice how Kate wore a green choker and a green dress. Frogs are…well, at least this one is close to that shade of green:

Francis Xavier died in the year 1552:

"Disney World" = 1552 (Standard)

Star-Spangled Banner

This story about Splash Mountain is similarly-connected to another man named Francis. First, notice how Walt Disney’s full name sums to 1779 in the Latin/Jewish cipher.

"Walter Elias Disney" = 1779 (Latin) and "The Star Spangled Banner" = 779 (Latin)

The man who wrote The Star-Spangled Banner was Francis Scott Key. He was born in the year 1779:

His poem was written on the 14th of September, or 14/9.

Francis Xavier and Disney World both = 149

The Star-Spangled Banner is the Song of the nation. The reason Splash Mountain is being modified is because the movie it was modeled after, Song of the South, is now considered to be racist.

"Star Spangled Banner" = 666 (Latin) Song of the South = 66 and 60, Francis Key = 60 and 666

The Walt Disney Company = 90 and 99, Thirty-three = 66 and 60

See my recent post about a funnel cloud as Disney World that explained how the number 666 was coded into Walt Disney, who died in the year ’66.

Splash Mountain will close 33 years, 6 months, 6 days after it opened:

The Star-Spangled Banner has English gematria of 1069.

"The Star Spangled Banner" = 1069 (Standard)

1069 is the 180th Prime number
Key was born on August 1st, or 1/8

Splash Mountain will shut down 180 years, 12 days after the death of Francis Scott Key:

The poem was written during the war of 1812

Next week, it will be 88888 days after Francis Scott Key was born:

"Disney World" = 888 (Sumerian)

"The Star Spangled Banner" = 88 (Reduction)

Eighty eight = 123 and The Star Spangled Banner = 223

Francis Xavier died on 12/3
Splash Mountain’s final day is 1/23/2023

Yesterday’s news fell exactly 2 years, 23 weeks after Disney first announced the change:

January 23rd can also be written as 23/1

"National anthem" = 231 (Reverse)

231 is the 21st Triangular number

Jesuit and Splash both = 21

"Walt Disney World" = 201 (Reverse)

The Jesuit Order, Ignatius of Loyola, Francis Xavier, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, and Domus Sanctae Marthae all = 201

The Jesuit Order

Yesterday’s announcement fell on a date with Primary numerology of 56:(12) + (2) + (20) + (22) = 56

"Splash Mountain" = 56 (Reduction)

This month marks 56 years since the death of Walt Disney:

"Society of Jesus" = 56 (Reduction) and "Ad Majorem dei Gloriam" = 506 (Standard)

"Society of Jesus" = 187 (Reverse)

Splash opened 187 days after the anniversary of Key’s death:

Pope Francis, the first pope from the Society of Jesus, is the 266th pope in the history of the Catholic Church.

"Iesus Hominum Salvator" = 266 (Reverse) and "Francis Scott Key" = 266 (Capitals Added)

The Jesuit Order has Ordinal gematria of 177.

"The Jesuit Order" = 177 (Ordinal)

Splash Mountain opened on the 17th of July, written as 17/7. The organization’s other name, Society of Jesus, sums to 191 in Ordinal.

"Society of Jesus" = 191 (Ordinal)

Walt Disney was born in 1901

Yesterday’s announcement fell 12,191 days after Splash Mountain opened, and it will close will close a span of 191 days after its anniversary:

The ride’s closing falls a span of 191 days before Francis Key’s birthday:

The ride will re-open in the year 2024

"The Society of Jesus" = 224 (Ordinal)

Splash Mountain opened 224 days after Walt Disney’s birthday:

Splash Mountain will operate for a total of 12244 days:

"Walt Disney World" = 1224 (Sumerian)

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