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Saudi Arabia Gets Massive Upset Over Argentina

Saudi Arabia’s victory over Argentina is the greatest upset in World Cup history, says data company

Saudi Arabia was blamed for the attacks of 9/11, which is an upside-down 116. This game was played exactly 1106 weeks after the 9/11 attacks:

The winning players were gifted Rolls-Royces after the game. Rolls-Royce began manufacturing cars in 1906, which was 116 years ago. It’s also been 254 months since 9/11, and 9/11 is the 254th day of the year:

A considerable reason this game was such a big upset is because Argentina is the team Lionel Messi plays for. Even in his mid-30’s, Messi is still believed to be the #1 individual footballer in the world.

Argentina is looking for its third World Cup victory. In November of 2020, the man who led them to their second championship, Diego Maradona, unexpectedly passed away from heart failure. Maradona wore #10 for Argentina, just like Messi.

Diego Maradona’s death was foreshadowed in a Netflix series called The Umbrella Academy. A character named Diego dies on November 25th, the same date Maradona would later die.

"Diego Maradona" = 107 (Ordinal), "John Fitzgerald Kennedy" = 107 (Reduction), and "Ritual sacrifice" = 107 (Reverse Reduction)

Diego Hargreeves dies just three days after they fail to stop the JFK assassination. Today’s game fell on the anniversary of the JFK Assassination – November 22nd, or 11/22.

JFK Assassination and Total eclipse both = 1122 in Sumerian ciphers

Diego Maradona died in connection to the 2020 Total eclipse.

The Moon’s Metonic cycle is 19 years long. That Total solar eclipse fell on the exact same date the FDA approved the first vaccines for COVID Nineteen.

COVID Nineteen and Total solar eclipse both = 67 Reduction

“Sacrifice” Code

67, a number of Human and Blood sacrifice, is also the Reduction value of Mohammed bin Salman, the current Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. at the heart of the Arabian peninsula.

"Mohammed bin Salman" = 67 (Reduction)

"Arabian peninsula" = 67 (Reduction)

It’s been 67 lunar phases since bin Salman assumed his role:

Human sacrifice and Blood sacrifice both = 67 and 86

Notice the values of 86 in Reverse. 86 is slang for “offing” or “getting rid of”. Not only is 86 the sum of 19 + the 19th Prime number (67), but it’s also the Ordinal value of Nineteen.

"Nineteen" = 86 (Ordinal)

Mohammed bin Salman serves under King Salman of Saudi Arabia.

"Salman of Saudi Arabia" = 86 (Single Reduction)

Diego Maradona died 86 days after Muhammad bin Salman’s birthday:

Diego Maradona led Argentina to victory in the ’86 World Cup. Learn how the numbers in his death suggest he may have been a sacrifice connected to Lionel Messi.

"FIFA" = 86 (Reverse)

Saudi Arabia‘s flag is Green. The winning players all received a Rolls-Royce Phantom:

Saudi Arabia, Arab, and Green all = 86

"Rolls Royce Phantom" = 86 (Reverse Reduction)

Recall how on the date the World Cup began, we learned that the Green Ranger, Jason David Frank, had passed away. He was born on a date with Standard numerology of 86:(9) + (4) + (73) = 86

"Jason David Frank" = 806 (Standard)

This is the 10th World Cup tournament since ’86. Lionel Messi wears #10.

The Moon

Argentina has matching 283 gematria with The Moon.

"Argentina" = 283 (Latin) and "The Moon" = 283 (Latin)

It’s been 283 sidereal months (lunar orbits) since the 9/11 attacks:

Today is a span of exactly 283 weeks after Mohammed bin Salman became Saudi Arabia’s Crown prince, and a span of 283 days before his birthday:

Messi is a Cancer, the only sign ruled by the Moon.

Lionel Messi was exactly 438 Lunations old for Argentina’s opening loss:

"Lionel Messi" = 438 (Standard)

Maradona / Messi Connections

Maradona’s nickname was “The Golden Boy.”

"The Golden Boy" = 727 (Fibonacci)

The Saudis beat Argentina 727 days after Maradona died:

The Golden Boy has matching 132 Ordinal gematria with Lionel Messi.

The Golden Boy and Lionel Messi both = 132 Ordinal

The 132nd Prime number is 743

Diego Maradona was exactly 743 Lunar phases when he passed away:

Argentina’s World Cup victory fell on June 29th, the 180th day of the year:

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia = 180 and 260

Messi was born 360 days after Maradona captured the World Cup:

Maradona died on the date leaving 36 days in the year:

The Moon = 36 and 36

Maradona died 211 days before Messi’s birthday:

Saudi Arabia and Ritual human sacrifice both = 211

Today has a Life Lesson number of 39, and is also the date leaving 39 days in the year:(11) + (22) + 2+0+2+2 = 39

"Messi" = 390 (Sumerian)

Today is written 22/11 internationally, like 2211, the 66th Triangular number. “Lionel Messi” = 66, “Crown Prince” = 66. The date of the 2020 eclipse was 12+14+20+20 = 66.

“22” Coding

This game was played on the 22nd day of the month in the year ’22. It’s the 22nd World Cup tournament in its history. In a proper game of football, there are 22 players in the field. The name chosen by the sport’s international governing body, FIFA, sums to 22 in Ordinal – perhaps explaining why this one is the first to be hosted by an Arab nation.

FIFA and Arab both = 22 Ordinal

Maradona died on 2020 in connection with the Total solar eclipse over Argentina.

"Total solar eclipse" = 202 (Ordinal)

The 22nd Prime number is 79
2020 eclipse belonged to Saros 142

Murder = 79, Eclipse sacrifice = 79 and 142

Today is a span of 709 days after the Argentinian eclipse:

The Sun is “golden”. Argentina has a golden sun in the center of its flag, a la the Jesuit Order. The current Pope, Francis, is the first to be a Jesuit.

Diego’s nickname, The Golden Boy, has matching gematria with the Latin values of Eclipse and Eclipse of the Sun.

The Golden Boy = 691 and 192, Eclipse of the Sun = 691, and Eclipse = 192

FIFA World Cup and Solar eclipse both = 134 and 190

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