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“The Umbrella Academy” Foreshadows Maradona’s Death

My last post explains how Argentine footballer Diego Maradona was an eclipse sacrifice. As it turns out, it looks like we were numerically clued in to his death shortly before he passed by the Netflix series The Umbrella Academy.

On that show, there is a character named Diego Hargreeves:

In the series’ alternate timeline, Diego Hargreeves dies on November 25th, the same date that Diego Maradona passed away:

Hargreeves’ death occurs shortly after the show’s protagonists fail to stop the assassination of JFK. November 25th is the birthday of JFK Jr.

On the date Diego Hargreeves dies, Diego Maradona was 1122 days old:

The JFK assassination was on 11/22, or 22/11
is the 66th Triangular number
The 66th Prime number is 317

"The Umbrella Academy" = 317 (Reverse Ordinal)

This episode premiered on July 31st, or 31/7. Consider how the word Umbrella has the same root as the word Umbra, which is what we call the Moon’s shadow.

The deaths of Diego Hargreeves and Diego Maradona were separated by exactly 57 years:

The Moon has a 57° range of declination.

"Moon" = 57 (English Ordinal)

The episode in which the assassination occurs is titled 743. Maradona died at the age of exactly 743 lunar phases:

The show’s premise is that Reginald Hargreeves adopted 7 of the 43 children who were born on the same day to mothers with no signs of pregnancy.

Hargreeves’ death in Dallas, Texas occurs on a date with Primary numerology of 118:(11) + (25) + (19) + (63) = 118

Death and Homicide both = 118 in Jewish gematria

"Dallas, Texas" = 118 (English Ordinal)

The episode 743 aired a span of 118 days before Maradona’s death:

On the date of the JFK assassination, Diego Maradona was 1118 days old:

Hargreeves’ Original Death

In the show’s original timeline, Diego Hargreeves dies on April 1st:April 1st, 2019

Hargreeves was exactly 29.5 years old on that date. The Moon has an orbital period of 29.5 days.

This means the character was born in the year ’89 and he dies on a date with Primary numerology of 44:(4) + (1) + (20) + (19) = 44

Argentina = 89, 44, 154, and 55

April 1st falls a span of 154 days after Maradona’s birthday, and Hargreeves’ two deaths fell 55 years apart:

David Castañeda

Diego Hargreeves is played by actor David Castañeda.

Diego Hargreeves and David Castañeda both = 257 Reverse

This is the value of blood sacrifice and total solar eclipse in the same method.

Blood sacrifice and Total solar eclipse both = 257 Reverse

The Sun is ~108× the diameter of the Earth, and ~108× its own diameter from the Earth. The Moon is also ~108× its diameter from Earth on average.

Geometry, Of the Sun, and Full Moon all = 108 in Ordinal and Reverse

Both Hargreeves and David Castaneda sum to 108 in the alphabetic order.

Hargreeves and David Castaneda both = 108 Ordinal


Diego Maradona was born on a date with Primary numerology of 119:(10) + (30) + (19) + (60) = 119

This is the same Primary numerology as the birthday of Diego Hargreeves:(10) + (1) + (19) + (89) = 119

Hargreeves, along with the other main characters in The Umbrella Academy, were born on October 1st, written 10/1.

"The Umbrella Academy" = 101 (Reverse Reduction)

Diego Hargreeves' two deaths are separated by exactly 2,888 weeks:

"Diego Hargreeves" = 888 (English Sumerian)


Hargreeves’ picture shows him kicking – something a footballer like Maradona was quite familiar with. Additionally, he’s standing in one circle and kicking another in what appears to be obvious eclipse symbolism.

Eclipse & Circles both = 69, 120, and 33

An Eclipse always occurs 1, 5, or 6 lunar phases after the last one. The Hebrew word for eclipse sums to 156: "Eclipse the Sun" = 156 (English Ordinal)

"Diego Hargreeves" = 1056 (Jewish)

Alco check out his aliases – one of them is Kraken? Consider how the alternative media landscape the past few weeks has consisted of Sidney Powell releasing the Kraken in the election fraud cases around the country.

"Kraken" = 60 (English Ordinal)

Maradona, whose nickname was The Golden Kid, was born in ’60 and died at the age of 60.

"The Golden Kid" = 60 (Full Reduction)

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