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Mississippi Airplane Thief Dies in Prison

Man who stole plane and threatened to crash into a Walmart dies in federal custody

In September, Cory Patterson had threatened to crash the plane into Walmart while doing “circles” in the sky. I revealed this to be a massive “Pi” riddle. A similar story from Seattle in 2018 was also a huge “Pi” riddle.

Walmart was founded by Sam Walton, who died on a date with Primary numerology of 120:(4) + (5) + (19) + (92) = 120

It was reported that Cory Patterson, the man who stole a plane in Tupelo, Mississippi, was pronounced dead at the Federal Detention Center at 1:20 pm.

"Tupelo Mississippi" = 120 (Single Reduction)

"Federal Detention Center" = 120 (Reverse Reduction)

Although Patterson died on Monday, November 14th, news of his death did not make national headlines until November 18th, or 11/18.

Patterson died 11180 days after Sam Walton:

"Sam Walton" = 118 (Ordinal)

11108 days after Walton died:

Today, 11/18, is the 322nd day of the year:

322 is the second number to have gematria of 314, which are the first three digits of Pi. The plane was stolen just one day before Walmart turned exactly 3140 weeks old.

Two hundred and twenty three and Three hundred and twenty two both = 314 Ordinal

322 is the inverse of 223, both of which are important to the Circle, as symbolized by the presence of 322 on the famous Skull and Crossbones.

Circle = 223 Reverse Caps Mixed and 322 Reverse Satanic

"Skull and crossbones" = 223 (Ordinal)

Today is exactly 223 weeks after Richard Russell died in 2018:

Patterson died 223 days after the anniversary of Sam Walton’s death:

223 is the number of lunar phases separating each eclipse from the same Saros series.

"Saros" = 72 (Ordinal)

Cory Patterson died 72 days after he Stole an airplane:

Cory Patterson = 72 and 72, Stole an airplane = 72 and 702

The Number 47

His first and last names both sum to 47.

Cory and Patterson both = 47

The date he died, November 14th, leaves 47 days on the calendar. This year, that date also had numerology of 47 and 11, syncing up with the gematria of Walmart, which he threated to crash into:(11) + (14) + (22) = 47 and 1+1 + 1+4 + 2+2 = 11

Walmart = 47 and 101 Reverse

It’s being reported that his death was the result of Suicide.

Suicide = 47 and 43

News of his death was not published in the media until today, the date leaving 43 days in the year:Suicide = 47 and 43

"Plane crash" = 43 (Reduction)

Cory Patterson’s name is almost identical to Corey Patterson, a former Major League Baseball player for over a decade. Some outlets are even spelling the plane thief’s name this way.

The former MLB player was born on a date with a Life Lesson number of 47:(8) + (13) + 1+9+7+9 = 47

Corey Patterson’s MLB career ended 4070 days ago:

See my next post for a close examination of how the Major League is heavily-connected to this story by the numbers.

The baseball player’s name sums to both 76 and 77.

Corey Patterson = 76 and 77

Patterson died in Federal custody, which he was taken into after stealing an Airplane.

"Federal custody" = 76 (Reverse Reduction)

"Airplane" = 76 (Ordinal)

News of his death was not published until 76 days (or 77 w/ end date) later:

"Mississippi" = 77 (Reverse Reduction)

"Patterson" = 776 (Standard)

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