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Man Threatens to Crash Airplane into Tupelo Walmart

Tupelo, Mississippi pilot threatening to crash plane into Walmart, police say Mississippi police are in contact with pilot

In today’s top story, an airport employee has allegedly stolen an airplane from Tupelo Airport, and is currently circling the skies, threatening to crash it into a Walmart.

Back in August of 2018, we had a similar story when a man named Richard Russell stole an airplane in Seattle, Washington. He too contacted authorities while in the sky prior to crashing into an island.

Seattle, Washington = 212 Ordinal

Yesterday marked 212 weeks after that incident, meaning this is the 213th week since it happened:

Tupelo, Mississippi = 213 Reverse

The incident in Seattle, WA occurred on the 222nd day of the year:

Seattle, WA = 1222 Latin

The incident is being re-created here in the year 2022 on the date September 3rd, or 9/3. The original founder of Walmart is named Samuel Moore Walton.

Samuel Moore Walton = 222 and 93

The 3rd of September can also be written as 3/9.

Life of Pi = 39 Reverse

Pi Riddle

The 2018 theft and crash of an airplane in Seattle was a riddle connected to the book and film Life of Pi, where a major character is a tiger named Richard Parker. The man who stole the plane was named Richard Russell, and it happened the same week that NASA launched its Parker solar probe.

In Latin, Richard Russell = 690 and Pi = 69

Life of Pi was released on a date with Primary numerology of 69:(9) + (28) + (20) + (12) = 69

Today’s pilot is named Patterson, who was reportedly flying a “King Air” type of plane.

Patterson = 690 Reverse Sumerian

King Air = 69 Ordinal

The main character of Life of Pi is named Piscine Molitor “Pi” Patel.

Piscine Molitor "Pi" Patel

The date of Russell’s antics in 2018 was August 10th, or 8/10.

The original book that Life of Pi is based off of was published on September 11th, 2001, the same exact day as the 9/11 attacks. Any time we get a story about an airplane, we can rest assured the number 911 or 119 will be involved.

In this story, the man had dialed 911 while in the air. Today is the date that leaves 119 days on the calendar:

It’s been 119 months (or 9 years, 11 months) since the film Life of Pi was released:

Today is a span of 11109 days after Walton passed away:

911 is the 156th Prime number

King Air = 156 Latin

In Life of Pi, the boy and his tiger are stranded at sea for 227 days. The address of the Walmart that was evacuated this morning is 2270 W Main St:

Tupelo Regional Airport = 2207 Trigonal

Just yesterday, Walmart turned 722 months old:

This is a major Pi number because the smallest equation you can use to get the first three digits of Pi, 3.14, is 22÷7. This works in gematria too.

Twenty-two divided by seven = 314 Ordinal

Tomorrow, Walmart turns a span of exactly 3140 weeks old:

King Air = 314 Satanic

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