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The “Uniter” Joe Biden Calls MAGA Republicans “Extremists”

Biden Castigates MAGA Republicans In Scathing Speech Against Trumpism

Joe Biden specifically took aim at “MAGA” Republicans last night during his speech on September 1st, or 9/1. The term MAGA comes from Trump’s campaign slogan, Make America Great Again.

Make America Great Again = 91

Sleepy Joe’s age and presidential term were both synced up to Donald Trump yesterday as well.

Biden’s speech fell 589 days into his presidency:

Donald Trump = 589 Latin

September 1st was 80 days before his 80th birthday:

Trump = 88 Ordinal

It was also a span of 80 days after Trump’s birthday:

Why was the speech held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania? Aside from being a hotbed for poor, uneducated voters who actually believe the democratic party cares about them, its Ordinal value was connected to the phrase Make America Great Again.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania = 253 Ordinal

Make America Great Again = 2053 Squares

253 is the 22nd Triangular number

MAGA = 22 Ordinal

Biden was also a span of 2 months, 20 days before his birthday:

His speech about Donald John Trump and his MAGA supporters was held at Independence Hall.

Donald John Trump = 220 Reverse

MAGA = 220 Squares

Independence = 220 Latin

One more alignment that I thought was interesting. We know that Satanic Gematria is build around the number 666, and that the rulers observe the Rule of Colel. “Satanic Gematria” = 666.

Biden’s speech focused on MAGA Republicans, a term he used over and over.

MAGA Republicans = 667 Satanic

The speech was 667 days after Biden was “elected”:

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