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Businessmen Dietrich Mateschitz and Rainer Schaller Both Die Within Hours

Less than two weeks after Max Verstappen captured his second straight Formula One championship as a driver for Red Bull Powertrains, the founder and largest shareholder for Red Bull, Austrian Dietrich Mateschitz, passed away after a long illness:Red Bull co-founder and CEO Dietrich Mateschitz, whose sports empire spanned continents, dies at 78

Schaller and Gold's both = 78

On the same date he died, another prominent businessman from neighboring Germany went missing when a plane carrying Gold’s Gym owner Rainer Schaller went missing off the coast of Costa Rica:6 feared dead in small plane crash off Costa Rica

This is a peculiar synchronicity, because:

Red Bull’s slogan is “Red Bull Gives You Wings

"Red Bull Gives You Wings" = 269 (Ordinal)

269 is the 57th Prime number

Schaller’s last full day alive was 57 years, 57 days after Gold’s Gym was founded:

"Golds" = 57 (Ordinal)

The Moon, which has a 57° range of declination, has Ordinal gematria of 57.

Mateschitz was exactly 970 lunar phases old:

Rainer, Plane crash, and Death all have gematria of 97.

Rainer, Plane crash, and Death all = 97

The word Gold on its own sums to 38 and 70.

Gold = 38 and 70

October 22nd had a Life Lesson number of 38, leaving 70 days on the calendar:(10) + (22) + 2+0+2+2 = 38 and October 22nd leaves 70 days in the year

Rainer Schaller crashed 74 days before his birthday:

Both of these stories hit the news on the same date, which had Primary numerology of 74:(10) + (22) + (20) + (22) = 74

Notice how Red Bull has the same 74 gematria as Killing.

Red Bull and Killing both = 74, 115, and 43

"Plane crash" = 43 (Reduction)

“Sacrifice” Code

The founder of Red Bull (an Energy drink) died 13 days after Max Verstappen clinched the Formula One championship.

Human sacrifice = 130 Ordinal and Ritual human sacrifice = 103 Single Reduction

Energy drink = 130 Ordinal and 1030 Standard

As with any story involving a plane crash, there’s typically some coding around the number 911, which is the value of Ritual human sacrifice in Satanic.

Ritual human sacrifice = 911 Satanic and Ritual sacrifice = 1506 Reverse Sumerian

911 is the 156th Prime number

"Plane" = 156 (Standard)

Mateschitz died a span of 156 days after his birthday:

This is the Ordinal value of Thirty-three.

"Thirty three" = 156 (Ordinal)

Formula 1 champion Max Verstappen‘s full name has gematria of 303. Prior to this season, he drove the #33 car. Schaller was the founder of Gold’s Gym.

"Formula 1" = 33 (Reduction)

"Max Emilian Verstappen" = 303 (Reverse)

"Schaller" = 33 (Reduction)

Golds Gym = 33 and 330 Primes

Thirty-three is another number connected to Ritual human sacrifice.

Thirty three = 895, Ritual human sacrifice = 895 and 211

Mateschitz and Schaller were born 8995 days apart:

Dietrich Mateschitz died a span of 211 days before his next birthday:

In Ordinal, the phrase Ritual sacrifice sums to 154. Schaller joins a long list of people to die in a crash in or off of Costa Rica.

Ritual sacrifice and Costa Rica both = 154

October 22nd fell exactly 46 weeks after the last total solar eclipse. “Sacrifice” = 46. The 46th Prime number is 199 and the 22nd fell a span of 199 days after a DHL plane crashed in Costa Rica earlier this year.

“Kill” Code

"Dietrich Mateschitz" = 286 (Reverse)

Dietrich Mateschitz was 28644 days old when he passed away:

Kill = 28, 64, and 44

Costa Rica = 64 and 44

He was born in the year ’44

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