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Mississippi State Football Player Sam Westemoreland Dies @ 18


This tragedy at Mississippi State occurred in 2022.

"Mississippi State" = 222 (Ordinal)

I included TMZ’s headline here because I like how it’s phrased. It’s almost as if the editor at the publication is doubtful of this story, which involves a college football player being found dead at a Church on Wednesday a few miles from campus.

"Church" = 29 (Reverse Reduction)

Westmoreland was a Football player for the Mississippi State Bulldogs, currently coached by Mike Leach. This is the same team that NFL quarterback Dak Prescott played for in college. Prescott is set to make his return from injury this weekend against the Lions.

"Bulldogs" = 29 (Reduction)

"Leach" = 29 (Ordinal)

Football = 29 and 83

Prescott is a span of 29 years, 83 days old:

"Murder" = 83 (Reverse)

Recall the digits 8 and 3 being displayed in the poster for the film Murder by Numbers:

Blackjack Church

The name of the church Westmoreland was found is Blackjack Missionary Baptist. While I was writing this post, my brother called me to ask if I wanted to play Blackjack this weekend. I wouldn’t make that up, because I would never expect you to believe that, but it’s actually true. Why would a church be named after a casino game anyway?

Dak Prescott currently has 54 career victories including the playoffs. If the Cowboys win in his return this weekend, it will be his 54th regular season win. This syncs up with the Ordinal value of Blackjack.

"Blackjack" = 54 (Ordinal)

Westmoreland had Primary birth numerology of 54:(10) + (21) + (20) + (03) = 54

The start against Detroit will be the 91st of his career.

"Detroit" = 91 (Ordinal)

Dak’s full name, Rayne Dakota Prescott, has matching Reverse gematria with Blackjack in Trigonal.

Rayne Dakota Prescott

Sam was born 282 days before Dak’s birthday:

If you include the end date, that’s a span of 283 days.

He died 283 days before Dak’s birthday:

283 is the 61st Prime number

In Ordinal, Blackjack Missionary Baptist = 283 and Church = 61

“Sacrifice” Code

Blackjack Church is located at 33° of the northern meridian. Dak Prescott has 33 career losses in the regular season to go with 3 more in the postseason.

"Cowboys" = 33 (Reverse Reduction)

This is a number consistently found in stories about death. Recall how just yesterday, Apple‘s stock fell 0.33% on the same date we learned that Apple podcaster Tristen Nash died.

Thirty three = 895, Ritual human sacrifice = 895 and 211

Sam was born on the 21st of October, or 21/10. He was a Bulldog from Tupelo.

Bulldog = 303 and 73, Tupelo = 73

The matching 73 is a significant number of Ritual sacrifice.

Ritual sacrifice = 73 and 154, Sacrifice = 73, Mississippi State Bulldogs = 154


Dak’s College Team


Mississippi State player Rayne Dakota Prescott was born on July 29th, or 7/29.

"Mississippi State" = 729 (Primes)

Rayne Dakota Prescott and Mississippi State both = 111

Prescott and Bulldog both = 116 and 35

Dak’s NFL Team – “Jesus” Riddle

Dak was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys.

Dallas Cowboys and Jesus Christ both = 151, 43, and 74

October 19th can be written as 10/19, similar to 11/9, or the 11th of September, which is often given as the true birthday of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ and Starkville Mississippi both = 146

Sam was 18 years old. 18 is 6+6+6. The date of this incident in Starkville, Mississippi was 726,666 days after April 3rd, 33 A.D., the date given for Jesus’ crucifixion. This was a fact I mentioned on Discord several days prior:

I would imagine this has a lot to do with the fact that this guy was found at a church. I certainly expected some “Jesus” riddles for this date, and the media cabal delivered once again, as they will until they are somehow removed from the shadows.

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