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Apartment Fire Kills 6 People in Hartland, Wisconsin

6 people die in a fire at an apartment complex in Hartland; a criminal investigation is underway

Rambo over at The Truth Codes on YouTube uploaded another great video yesterday. In it, he discusses the numerology of Ray Lewis and the Super Bowls he won with the Baltimore Ravens, with a particular focus on how the riddles are connected to the Heart.

From the ages of 9-16, I lived in a village called Hartland, a bit west of Milwaukee. This morning, I saw this headline about a fire that happened there on the same day as Rambo’s video, just a few blocks from where I used to live.

This is the type of synchronicity I experience on a regular basis, and is not something I typically bother posting about. However, the numerology of this fire is pretty intriguing, and I can’t help but wonder if the “criminal investigation” that’s underway is actually warranted.

UPDATE: CBS58 is reporting that the blaze was intentional:Hartland community grieving six killed in intentional apartment fire, criminal investigation continues

Rambo begins his video explaining one of the most important tenets of occult philosophy, which is that in order to elevate oneself to greater spiritual heights, there must be a corresponding death. This is exhibited through the ancient practice of Ritual human sacrifice, which at some level is very much still going on to this day.

Two of the most significant numbers of Sacrifice are 211 and 73, taken straight from the alphabetic order.

In Ordinal, Blood sacrifice = 121, Ritual human sacrifice = 211, Sacrifice = 73

This fire at 704 Mansfield Court in Hartland occurred in the early hours of October 21st, written 10/21 or 21/10, on a date with Primary numerology of 73:(10) + (21) + (20) + (22) = 73

The 73rd Prime number is 367
This is the year 2022

Seven oh four Mansfield Court = 367 Reverse and 2202 Reverse Sumerian

A theme of that video was “heartbreak.” The Ravens won a Super Bowl just a few years after leaving Cleveland, breaking their hearts. LeBron also broke many hearts in Cleveland when he left for Miami. The Journal Sentinel made sure to mention how heartbreaking this fire was:"Everybody's in shock," village Trustee Ann Wallschlager said. "For something like this to happen in our village, it’s very heartbreaking."

The word Heart has matching gematria with both Mansfield and Mansfield Court, the name of the street this fire occurred at.

Heart and Mansfield both = 52 and 83, Mansfield Court = 83

Final reports indicate that Six people were killed.

"Six" = 52 (Ordinal)

Six, Fire, and Heart all = 29

“Fire” / “Death” Code

In Ordinal, the word Fire sums to 38. This is a highly-significant number connected to Death, Killing, and Murder.

"Fire" = 38 (Ordinal)

Death, Killing, Murder, and RIP all = 38

The fire in Hartland was at 704 Mansfield Court. The full address, street name, and abbreviated road sign all have gematria of 38.

Seven oh four Mansfield Court = 308 and Mansfield = 38

"Mansfield Ct" = 308 (Latin)

The article even states that 15 fire departments arrived on scene. Doesn’t that seem like an awful lot for a fire that only involved one residential building? Some of those trucks would have to travel a long ways.

"Fifteen" = 38 (Reduction)

The address for Hartland’s Fire Department is 150 Lawn St. I wonder if this is why the JS uploaded 15 pictures for this story:

This story was still in the headlines today, October 22nd, the same date that it was published in national media. Today has a Life Lesson number of 38 and leaves 70 days in the year:(10) + (22) + 2+0+2+2 = 38 and October 22nd leaves 70 days in the year

"Fire" = 70 (Reverse)

In Reverse, “Death” = 97 25, and the 97th Prime number is 25.

"Death" = 25 (Reverse Reduction)

Heart = 25, Fire = 25, Apartment fire = 205, Mansfield = 205

"Six" = 25 (Single Reduction)

“Killing” Code

Above, I pointed out how the word Killing sums to 38. In the alphabetic order, this word has gematria of 74 and 115. The word Heart also has a 74 in Fibonacci.

Killing and Heart both = 74, Killing = 115 and 115

The building’s address was 704, which represents 74 in numerology. The first call for a fire came in at 5:11 in the morning:The fire took place at a four-family apartment building at 704 Mansfield Court in the village, Hartland Police Chief Torin Misko said during a morning news conference at the scene. A report of a fire came in about 5:11 Friday morning. Upon arrival, the Hartland Police Department and Fire Department helped evacuate individuals from inside the actively burning building and from balconies.

The date of national publication had Primary numerology of 74:(10) + (22) + (20) + (22) = 74

Although there are several parks and schools closer to the incident, a vigil for the victims was held at Hartland’s Nixon Park. Although the park was not named after Richard Nixon, he’s certainly the person who comes to mind whenever “Nixon” is mentioned. The embattled U.S. President submitted his resignation in the year ’74.

"Richard Nixon" = 74 (Reduction)

Eclipse Code

The address of 704 is interesting for another reason. 704 is a significant number to the Total solar eclipse code.

"Seven oh four" = 888 (Sumerian)

The fire at 704 Mansfield Court fell a span of 1,888 days after the first Great American Eclipse:

On the same date as the fire, former president Donald Trump was subpoenad by the January 6th Committee.

"Donald J Trump" = 888 (Sumerian)

Donald J. Trump was 27,888 days old:

The Hartland fire and Trump subpoena happened 653 days after January 6th:

653 is the 119th Prime number

"Seven oh four Mansfield Court" = 119 (Reduction)

"Donald" = 119 (Latin)

Could it really all just be…

Seven oh four Mansfield Court and Synchronicity both = 1982 Standard

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