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Hunter’s Conviction, 9/11, Yale, 666, and More…

President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, is convicted of all 3 felonies in federal gun trial

This is my second of two posts on today’s news.

Nine Eleven (9/11)

Hunter S. Thompson would be 1161 Sidereal months old:

Hunter S. Thompson was born in 18/7:

Fear and Loathing and Raoul Duke both = 187 Caps Added

The jury’s word was heard exactly 1187 weeks after 9/11:

Brotherhood of Death = 187 Ordinal and 611 Latin

Hunter Biden was found guilty on 6/11
The date is also written as 11/6
911 upside-down is 116
Hunter S. Thompson shot himself during Brown Lunation # 1016:

"Hunter Stockton Thompson" = 116 (Single Reduction)

Rolling Stone published Fear and Loathing 116 days after Thompson’s birthday:

Hunter Thompson and Oscar Acosta were born a span of exactly 119 weeks apart:

"Oscar Zeta Acosta Fierro" = 973 (Satanic)

The World Trade Center opened in 1973 and was destroyed during Brown Lunation # 973:

"Oscar Zeta Acosta" = 50 (Reduction)

"Drug" = 50 (Ordinal)

The 50th Prime number is 229

Hunter Biden was convicted exactly 22 years, 9 months after 9/11:

"Hunter Biden" = 229 (Reverse Caps Added)

It was also a span of exactly 229 weeks after the Raiders announced their move to Vegas:

The 229th verse of Revelation reveals the number of the Beast:

Six hundred and sixty six and Oscar Acosta Fierro both = 273 Reverse

Hunter was found guilty exactly 273 months after 9/11:

Six six six (666)

Sleepy Joe turned 666 months old two days before Fear and Loathing hit the big screen:

Robert Hunter Biden = 90 and 99, Hunter Biden = 60, Biden = 60, 60, and 606

Hunter S Thompson = 66 and Fear and Loathing = 660 Satanic

The Moon = 90 and 99

Dr. Gonzo = 99 and 90

"Six hundred sixty six" = 2038 (Latin)

"Hunter Biden" = 238 (Capitals Mixed)

The verdict fell 1,238 days after his dad became president and 238 days before Hunter’s birthday:

The Moon is an average distance of ~238,000 miles from Earth:

Hunter S. Thompson died 238 Lunar phases ago:

Oscar Zeta AcostaOscar Zeta Acosta Fierro and Oscar Zeta Acosta both = 238

"Crack cocaine" = 238 (Reverse)

Zeta Acosta vanished on 27/5

"Six hundred sixty six" = 275 (Ordinal)

Today is a span of 275 days after September 11th:

The Brown Lunation system was started in 1923 for its 1st New Moon.

Thompson was 1923 weeks, 1 days old when his friend vanished:

Hunter was found guilty a span of 272 days after he was indicted:

The Fear and Loathing book came out 270 years, 272 days after Yale was founded, while the film was released when Joe Biden was 20272 days old:

Donald Trump and Six six six both = 48 and 60

"Donald J Trump" = 1189 (Latin)

Hunters Thompson and Biden were born a span of 11890 days apart:

The King James Bible has a total of 1189 chapters.

"Donald Trump" = 828 (Sumerian)

From indictment to verdict was 8 months, 28 days:

Organic Numerology

In a follow-up post I made on Hunter’s 2023 indictment, I made note of some synchronicity that I had seen in my life connected to people with the name Hunter and this string of relevant numbers.

Last month, I made this post about some more connections I have to the Skull and Bones code through a completely different topic. I have my theories as to why this is…to summarize with some brevity, our reality is built on duality, and it stands to reason that those are are so driven to expose the code were brought here within a similar web of numbers. And while I see value in what I do, I have also seen that this knowledge is not always helpful to those who receive it, as it may negatively affect those who have yet to sharpen their perceptions about the world around them.

Anyway, throughout making that post, I never bothered to see if I had any numerical alignments to Oscar “Zeta” Acosta, Hunter’s Fear and Loathing counterpart. Come to think of it, this connection would make even more sense, given that I traveled as the friend of a Hunter back in 2007.

Oscar Acosta was 832 days (or a span of exactly 119 weeks) old when Hunter S. Thompson was born:

The Skull and Bones society was founded at Yale in 1832:

Acosta would have been 18320 days old when I was born:

I was also born a span of 11 years, 9 days (or 4026 days) after he died:

"Hurricane" = 426 (Latin)

It’s hard for me to know what’s being manufactured when everywhere I look, my car is rolling right in-between this train’s engines. It’s as if the strings of reality itself seek to perpetually confuse me as I grasp to find just the right message to spread when it comes to the topic of numerology.

I’ve always said I’d continue this work as long as I find it fascinating, and continue to learn new things. I think part of what does make this so fascinating is that even I’m coded alongside so much of what I end up discussing.

The totality of my life experiences thus far has taught me that truths exist even outside of our comprehension in this density. Those truths are often best understood through symbols, which numbers most definitely are, perhaps carrying the most energy of any other symbols our species have spawned.

There’s definitely a reason the occult is so reliant on symbols, particularly as it seeks to sway your mind. But coming to grips with how the basic digits we all grew up learning are so powerful in our lives is, I think, one of the fastest shortcuts to a better understanding of the “fabric of reality” and how intricate the design of this realm truly is.

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