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George Russell and Max Verstappen TIE for Pole in Canada

George Russell and Max Verstappen Share Exact Same Qualifying Time, Russell Earns Pole

A tie of exactly 1:12 at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve?

"Circuit Gilles Villeneuve" = 112 (Reduction)

Since Formula One began tracking times in thousandths of a second, this is only the second time ever there has been a tie atop the leaderboard of grid Qualifying.

The last time it happened was at the 1997 European Grand Prix, when remarkably, three cars led the field with the exact same time. That year, the race was held in Jerez, Spain.

"Jerez Spain" = 1140 (Standard)

The man who won the tie today by crossing the finish line first was George Russell.

Russell was born a span of 114 days after the Tie in Spain:

"Tie" = 114 (Latin)

Russell placed ahead of defending champion Max Verstappen. Today’s Tie was 114 days after George Russell’s birthday and 114 days before Max Verstappen’s:

Gilles Villeneuve died on a date with Primary numerology of 114:(5) + (8) + (19) + (82) = 114

"Russell" = 165 (Reverse Caps Mixed)

Russell secured his first Pole position at Hungaroring 165 days after his birthday:

Pole position, Pole, and Hungaroring all = 165

Gilles Villeneuve

One of those drivers who tied back in 1997 was a Canadian named Jacques Villeneuve:

Why is that worth mentioning? Well not only is this weekend’s race being held in Jacques’ home province in Canada, but the track is even named after his father, Gilles Villeneuve, who was a world champion just like his son:

In 1982, Gilles was tragically killed during a Qualifying session at the Belgian Grand Prix.


"Russell" = 505 (Latin)

Villeneuve’s full name has Reduction gematria of 138, matching his home country.

"Joseph Gilles Henri Villeneuve" = 138 (Reduction)

"Canada" = 138 (Reverse)

As mentioned, Gilles was killed in a crash in Belgium. Second-place Max Verstappen is the only Belgian-born driver on the grid.

Max and George were born 138 days apart:

If you include the end date, that’s 139 days.

"Jerez Spain" = 1390 (Latin)

9/11 Riddle

Jerez on its own sums to 1190 in Latin. This is an upside-down 611, which is the value of the site of this weekend’s event, Montreal, Quebec, in the same Latin method.

"Jerez" = 1190 (Latin)

"Montreal Quebec" = 611 (Latin)

This is only Russell’s second pole position of all-time, having qualified first for the Hungarian Grand Prix in 2022. Both have been for his current team, Mercedes-Benz.

George Russell is 9611 days old for both Qualifying and the Canadian Grand Prix:

Mercedes Benz = 119 and 1109

Russell’s two poles are 1 year, 10 months, 9 days apart:

This year’s Canadian Grand Prix was the 1110th race in the history of Formula One.

"World Trade Center" = 1110 (Sumerian)

World Trade Center = 1337 and 2337

"George Russell Max Verstappen" = 337 (Ordinal)

337 is the 68th Prime number

World Trade Center construction began on 6/8 in the year ’68.

"Canadian Grand Prix" = 680 (Latin)

Today’s session was a span of 680 days (or exactly 97 weeks) after the ‘22 Hungarian GP:

"Plane crash" = 97 (Ordinal)

The tie in Jerez was in the year ’97, or 1997.
1997 is the 302nd Prime number. My last series of posts talks about the significance of the number 302 in regards to the Plane crash involving former astronaut Bill Anders.

Gilles Villeneuve Circuit = 2029 Standard and Plane crash = 308 Latin

2029 is the 308th Prime number

This riddle is particularly interesting because Villeneuve’s fatal crash was the closest thing to a plane crash of any deadly accident I’ve seen in Formula One. His car’s front wheel clipped the back wheel of the car in front of him, and he was launched out of his car and into the air, landing next to a nearby fence. You can watch the crash here if you’re a sick bastard like myself.

Skull and Bones

Check out my recent work explaining how George William Russell, who started his career with Williams, is synced to the Skull and Bones code, as the secret society was founded by William Russell. My last post on Bill Anders explained how his death was a riddle for Robin Williams.

George Russell was born 322 months after Jacques Villeneuve. The three-way tie in Spain was 3 years, 322 days (or 202 weeks, 3 days) before the attacks on The World Trade Center under a Skull and Bones president.

"The World Trade Center" = 322 (Capitals Added)

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