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Apollo 8 Astronaut Bill Anders Dies in Plane Crash

Apollo 8 astronaut William Anders who took iconic ‘Earthrise’ photo dies in plane crash

This is my first of two posts on the death of William Anders. Also see my last posts to learn more about the connection to Pat Sajak.

Good Morning, Vietnam

William Anders was best-known for snapping the Earthrise photo from aboard the Apollo 8 mission as it (supposedly) orbited The Moon.

Anders died on June 7th, which is the same day that Pat Sajak retired from Wheel of Fortune. Prior to hosting game shows, Sajak was a radio DJ for American troops in the Vietnam War, succeeding Adrian Cronauer.

Cronauer was known for his sign-on phrase Good Morning, Vietnam, which inspired a 1987 film with that same name. Sajak continued to proclaim Good Morning, Vietnam during his time as well.

Adrian Joseph Cronauer and Good Morning Vietnam = 1290 Sumerian, William Anders = 1209 Latin

Cronauer would have been a span of exactly 1029 months old:

William Anders was born on 10/17 in the year ’33:

Bill Anders was 1017 months (or exactly 1133 Sidereal months) old when Cronauer died:

William Anders was born during Brown Lunation # 133:

The number of days between their deaths points to Bill’s age when Wheel of Fortune debuted in 1975.

Bill Anders died 2151 days after Adrian Cronauer:

Anders was a span of exactly 2151 weeks old when Wheel first debuted on TV:

In Good Morning Vietnam, Cronauer was portrayed by comedian and actor Robin Williams. Anders’ first name was William. Robin was born on July 21st, the same date Neil Armstrong is said to have first set foot on the Moon.

"Robin Williams" = 195 (Reverse)

Robin Williams was 1900 weeks, 5 days old for the film’s release:

"Adrian Joseph Cronauer" = 1950 (Reverse Sumerian)

Three hundred two (302)

Bill Anders died on June 7th:

On June 7th of 1995, the Boeing 777 commenced its first commercial flight:

Bill died 7 days after Barack Obama turned 777 Lunar phases old:

Barack Obama, a Leo, has matching 32 gematria with Seven seventy-seven.

Barack Obama, Obama, and Leo all = 32

"Seven seventy seven" = 3020 (Latin)

When it comes to The Moon on this Blog, I typically refer to the Brown Lunation number, which is a system that began numbering each New Moon from January 1923 onward. However, there’s an auxiliary Lunation number called the Millennium Lunation Number. This system is identical to the Brown number, but instead of beginning in 1923, it starts with the first New Moon of the new Millennium, which occurred on January 6th, 2000.

Anders died exactly 302 Lunations after Millennium Lunation #1:

So officially, Anders died in a plane crash one day after the New Moon for Millennium Lunation # 302. I’ve made multiple posts about plane crashes connected to 302 in the past. See my post from March of 2019 when Ethiopian Flight 302 crashed near Addis Ababa. A few months earlier, a LionAir flight crashed on the 302nd day of the year. That post focuses on its connection to Barack Obama.

Sajak’s most noteworthy moment during his tenure in Vietnam was when he botched Richard Nixon’s Christmas speech to the troops, accidentally cutting it off early. Later in this post, you will see how this is all synced up with a significant Hybrid Eclipse on Christmas day in 1666.

Earthrise was taken a span of exactly 302 years after the 1666 Eclipse:

William died a span of 302 days after the anniversary of Robin Williams’ death:

Robin Williams would currently be 302 Mercurial years old:

"Robin McLaurin Williams" = 320 (Reverse)

Bill died in a Plane crash 97 days after 3/02:

Plane crash and Death both = 97

Flight 302 crashed a span of exactly 210 months after September 11th, 2001:

"William Alison Anders" = 210 (Ordinal)

"Moon" = 210 (Standard)

The LionAir flight that crashed on the 302nd day of the year was Flight # 610.

Williams died exactly 610 Sidereal months after Earthrise:

In Reduction, Three hundred two sums to 80.

"Three hundred two" = 80 (Reduction)

Pat Sajak is exactly 80 Lunar years old:

Boeing was originally founded during Brown Lunation # -80:

Anders was 80 years old when Williams died:

Wheel of Fortune debuted 80 Sidereal months (or 2204 days) after Earthrise was taken:

The year is now 2024

So why is Mercury important? In Roman mythology, Mercury is the god of travelers, and Bill Anders was traveling in a plane when he died.

"Mercury" = 1917 (Squares)

Anders’ crash was a span of 1917 days after Flight 302’s:

1917 is the year that John F. Kennedy was born:

JFK died while traveling in a convertible.

JFK was killed 1917 days after the FAA was founded:

JFK’s age on June 7th syncs up with the name Williams.

JFK was born 107 years, 9 days before William died:

"Williams" = 1079 (Latin)

159 / The 1666 Eclipse

June 7th was the 159th day of a leap year:

159 is a number connected to the destruction of The World Trade Center on September eleventh.

"The World Trade Center" = 1590 (Latin) and "September eleventh" = 1590 (Reverse Sumerian)

Robin Williams died 159 Lunations after 9/11:

Cronauer died a span of 15900 days after Wheel of Fortune’s first episode:

Robin Williams was born 159 Lunar phases after Adrian Cronauer:

159 has Standard gematria of 1666.

"One hundred and fifty nine" = 1666 (Standard)

In the year 1666, there was an incredible Hybrid Solar Eclipse that peaked near the South Pole:

This Eclipse belonged to Saros # 136. The Jesuits136 were formed just three days before an Eclipse from this very same cycle, which began on 13/6/1360 in the western hemisphere. The 136th Prime number is 769.

"Patrick Leonard Sadjak" = 769 (Standard)

Anders died 176666 days after the Jesuits were founded:

William Anders was 999 Lunations old when Robin Williams died:

Robin Williams was 6366 days old (or 156 days after his birthday) when Earthrise was taken, and died 16666 days (or 2380 weeks) later:

Robin’s death was shortly after America turned 238 years old:

The Moon is an average of ~238,000 miles from Earth:"Six hundred sixty six" = 2038 (Latin)

6 + 6 + 6 = 18

Bill Anders died a span of 18 days before the 666th mensiversary of his Earthrise photo:

Armstrong waited until Williams’ 18th birthday (which is also 216 months) before he set foot on the Moon:

The Moon is 2160 miles across at its equator:

216 is 6 × 6 × 6

Robin Williams

Robin Williams‘ full and common names both sum to 247, matching World Trade Center.

"World Trade Center" = 247 (Reverse)

Robin McLaurin Williams and Robin Williams both = 247

Pat Sajak was exactly 247 weeks (or a span of 1730 days) old when Robin McLaurin Williams was born:

"Plane crash" = 173 (Reverse)

"September eleventh" = 1260 (Latin)

William Alison Anders = 1260 Sumerian and Robin Williams = 1260 Latin

Williams’ death marked the start of the 156th month since the 9/11 attacks:

911 is the 156th Prime number

Robin Williams = 611, 156, and 1060

The Tower is the 16th Tarot card

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