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PGA Tournament Winner Grayson Murray Dies During Invitational

Grayson Murray, two-time PGA Tour winner, dead at 30

This is my first of three posts on this story.

Grayson Colby Murray died while participating in the Colonial National Invitational.

"Grayson Colby Murray" = 1512 (Sumerian)

"Colonial National Invitation" = 1512 (Latin)

"Kill" = 44 (Ordinal)

"Forty four" = 1512 (Standard)

Morgan Spurlock

The death of PGA golfer Grayson Murray was announced by the commissioner of the PGA, Jay Monahan.

Jay Monahan and Morgan Spurlock both = 921 Standard

Earlier today, I made this video on the death of Morgan Spurlock. Spurlock was born in 1970, the same year as Jay Monahan, whose birthday is May 7th – the same date that Spurlock’s most famous work Super Size Me was released in 2004:

But the name Monahan really jumped out at me. Yesterday, I made this video about the death of former Train bassist Charlie Colin. Shortly past the 15:00 mark, I point out how it was connected to the lead singer of TrainPat Monahan.

Grayson Murray was 30 years old. In my video from earlier today, I talked about the number 30 when breaking down the numerology of Morgan Spurlock, who became famous for eating nothing but McDonald’s for 30 days, and went on to host a TV show called 30 Days. His death was a riddle connected to McDonald’s mogul Ray Kroc:

The Golden Arches create the letter M, which is the first initial of Morgan and the last initial for Murray. The name Monahan also begins with M.

"M" = 30 (Latin)

"Letter M" = 30 (Reduction)

"Monahan" = 30 (Reduction)

Early on in that video, I mentioned how Morgan Spurlock and Raymond Albert Kroc not only have names that rhyme, but also share gematria of 195.

Morgan Spurlock and Raymond Albert Kroc both = 195

This happens to also be the Ordinal value of Grayson Murray.

"Grayson Murray" = 195 (Ordinal)

The Sony Open1095 winner was born a span of exactly 1195 weeks after Morgan Spurlock and died 11195 days later:

Grayson Murray was born a span of 195 days after Grayson Waller’s birthday:

"One hundred ninety five" = 237 (Ordinal)

The pro golfer departed 237 days after his birthday:

The Metonic Cycle

Grayson is a name connected to The Moon, which is the color Gray. Last year, I made this post which explained how the Bucks traded away Grayson Allen to the Suns in an astrological riddle. Also see this post about the organic death of a man named Grayson.

Jay Monahan was 668 Lunar phases old when Grayson died:

"Grayson" = 668 (Latin)

The Bucks were 668 months old when they traded away Grayson Allen. See my third post to learn how this is connected to WWE King and Queen of the Ring.

"Metonic cycle" = 668 (Latin)

"King and Queen of the Ring" = 668 (Primes)

Over the course of 19 years on the Lunar calendar, 7 of them have a Thirteenth month. This is called the Metonic cycle.

Metonic cycle, Nineteen years, Thirteenth month, and Thirteen all = 197

"Grayson" = 197 (Capitals Mixed)

In January, Grayson won his second and final PGA tourrnament at the Sony Open in Hawaii.

Sony Open in Hawaii = 197 and 235

The Metonic cycle is 235 Lunar phases

Morgan Spurlock and The Colonial both = 235 Caps Added

Morgan Spurlock died on 23/5

235 Lunar phases = 19 years

He died a span of exactly 19 weeks after his win in Hawai’i:

"Morgan Valentine Spurlock" = 1090 (Satanic)

Charles Schwab

Another major number of focus in the last post was 336The Founder was released 33 years, 6 days after Ray Kroc died, and Super Size Me came out when Morgan Valentine Spurlock was exactly 33 years, 6 months old.

"Ray Kroc" = 336 (Satanic) and "Morgan Valentine Spurlock" = 336 (Reverse)

Murray passed away 33 weeks, 6 days after his birthday:

"Schwab" = 336 (Sumerian)

Murray died a span of 66 days before Charles Schwab’s birthday:

Murray, Morgan Spurlock, Golden Arches, and French fries all = 66

Monahan was born 6 Lunations, 6 days before Morgan Spurlock:

"Monahan" = 66 (Ordinal)

"Golf" = 66 (Capitals Added)

WWE Superstar Grayson Waller’s real first name is Matthew.

Grayson Waller is a span of 66 days after his birthday:

Grayson, The Moon, and Matthew all = 99 and 90

Grayson Colby Murray died during the Charles Schwab Challenge.

Grayson Colby Murray = 99 and 90, Charles Schwab Challenge = 90 and 990

Morgan Valentine Spurlock died 99 days after Valentine’s Day:

He died on 5/23, and 523 is the 99th Prime number. Ninety-nine sums to 129.

"Ninety nine" = 129 (Ordinal)

Grayson Murray was born 1290 days after Grayson Waller:

Murray’s death fell 129 days before his next birthday:

"Morgan Valentine Spurlock" = 129 (Reverse Reduction)

McDonald’s / Charles Schwab

McDonald’s Corporation has a Whopper full of connections with Charles Schwab Corporation (wrong pun, I know, just keep reading).

McDonalds Corporation = 229, 311, and 113, Charles Schwab = 229, Charles Schwab Corporation = 113, Charles R Schwab and Murray = 311

McDonalds = 50, 85, and 242, Charles Schwab = 50 and 242, Charles R Schwab = 85

Golden Arches = 111, 313, and 66, Charles Robert Schwab = 313, Schwab = 111, and Murray = 66

Read on for more:

This is my first of two posts on this story.

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