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The “Metonic Cycle” Coding in Damian Lillard Trade

Most of this information was originally in my first post on this trade. However, I added a few more things that warranted this being its own separate post, as this is exactly the type of numerical riddle that’s important for readers to understand.

Metonic Cycle

Milwaukee, Wisconsin has matching 225 gematria with Meton, who is the namesake of the Metonic cycle.

Milwaukee Wisconsin and Meton both = 225

Meton is known more commonly as Meton of Athens. Milwaukee is called the German Athens:

Athens is in Greece. Milwaukee is home to Giannis Antetokounmpo, the “Greek Freak.”

The Milwaukee Bucks just turned 668 months old:

"Metonic cycle" = 668 (Latin)

The Moon is Gray. The Bucks also traded away Grayson Allen.

"Grayson" = 668 (Latin)

Grayson Allen was traded at the age of 10216 days:

Damian Lillard played his college ball at Weber State.

Weber State and Metonic cycle both = 1108 Standard

Metonic cycle has matching 127 gematria with Lillard’s full name.

"Metonic cycle" = 127 (Ordinal)

"Damian Lamonte Ollie Lillard Sr" = 127 (Single Reduction)

Damian Lillard is also 12,127 days old:

Jrue Holiday has Primary birth numerology of 127:(6) + (12) + (19) + (90) = 127

The last Bucks-Blazers game was won with 127 points:

There were a total of 235 points
The Metonic cycle is exactly 235 Lunations

"Adrian Griffin" = 235 (Reverse)

New Bucks Head Coach

The Metonic cycle is 19 years long.

Nineteen = 41 and 40

Milwaukee, Wisconsin , which is home to the 414 Area code, has matching 19 gematria with Lillard’s common and full names.

Milwauke = 1900, Damian Lillard and Damian Lamonte Ollie Lillard Sr both = 1009e Wisconsin

Jrue Randall Holiday has matching 190 gematria with Solar eclipse.

Jrue Randall Holiday and Solar eclipse both = 190

The Sun is the 19th card of the Tarot’s Major Arcana.

Nineteen = 86 Ordinal and The Sun = 443 Latin

The 86th Prime number is 443

Lillard was born exactly 4 years, 4 months, 3 weeks before Giannis:

The number Nineteen sums to 244 in Latin, just like Athens.

Nineteen and Athens both = 244 in Latin

Jrue was traded from Milwaukee a span of exactly 2 years, 44 weeks after he got there: Jrue was traded from Milwaukee a span of exactly 2 years, 44 weeks after he got there:

Deandre Edoneille Ayton Sr = 109 and 244

Damian Lillard, who attended Weber State, and has been traded from the Trailblazers to Wisconsin in a Metonic cycle riddle.

Weber State, Trailblazers, Wisconsin, and Metonic cycle all = 62

The 62nd Prime number is 293

"Damian Lillard" = 293 (Reverse Caps Added)

Damian Lillard was traded a span of 293 days before his birthday:

He was born 2930 days before Deandre Ayton:

Of the 19 years in the Metonic cycle7 of them will have a Thirteenth month.

Metonic cycle, Nineteen years, Thirteenth month, and Thirteen all = 197

The Trailblazers were founded in 1970

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