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Decoding My Own Journey to View the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse

When I saw the 2017 Eclipse, the place I was standing saw Totality for exactly 2:27.0:

The Hebrew phrase for Total eclipse (Full eclipse) sums to 227 in Hebrew Gematria:

The United States of America = 227 Hebrew Ordinal

This number popped up again for me at the 2024 Eclipse.

I was a span of exactly 2027 weeks old for the Total Eclipse over The USA:

Here is my favorite photo from a series taken by my friend Erick at the park we saw the Eclipse at:

The 227th Prime number is 1433

Erick was 14303 days old:

Might I be going to Egypt to see the 2027 Eclipse…? Not sure yet. This year’s Eclipse taught me that once you’ve seen Totality, it doesn’t hit you the same the next time around.

Prior to leaving for Indiana, my friend punched the addresses for several different state parks from which we could watch the Eclipse. The plan was to monitor the cloud activity in the area and go to the park that had the best chance of missing any cloud cover.

As the morning progressed, it appeared as if clouds wouldn’t be an issue, so we chose one of the parks more or less at random. Although we intended to visit Morgan Monroe State Park, my friend accidentally tapped the address for nearby Lieber State Recreation Area. We didn’t realize the error until we arrived and saw signs for a different park.

Immediately, I realized this “accident” was actually another coded experience from the Creator. Consider how less than two weeks before the Eclipse, I made this video on the death of Connecticut senator Joe Lieberman, which had the Jesuit Eclipse logo in the thumbnail:

Lieber and Eclipse both = 33 and 39

For years, I’ve been explaining how the number 666 is important to Eclipses.

"Lieber" = 666 (Reverse Sumerian)

Post-Eclipse Dinner

On the night of the Eclipse, our friend Erick asked if we wanted to check out The Jazz Kitchen for dinner. As someone who plays jazz during his Super Streams and loves jumbolaya, I thought it was an excellent suggestion, and obliged.

The Jazz Kitchen was incorporated as a new entity on August 31st, 2007:

We ate there a span of 6066 days after the Business was incorporated:

We ate there a span of 6066 days after the Business was incorporated:

This was the first time I’d ever used my Business card for a meal.

The New Jazz Kitchen Inc = 234, 306, 99, and 99

234 + 432 = 666
666 is the 36th Triangular number

Six six six and Triple sixes both = 156 Ordinal

Eclipse sums to 33 in English and 156 in Hebrew.

Thirty three, Eclipse the Sun, and Plane of the Sun all = 156 Ordinal

The Eclipse code is of course connected to the Crucifixion of Christ at age 33 in 33 A.D. Our server Christina C (C.C. = 33) sat us in Seats 1, 5, and 6 of a six-seated table:

Notice the total of $94.00, which comes to $102.46 after tax.

"Secret society" = 940 (Latin)

Yale’s big anniversary happened during Brown Lunation # 1246:

You also have to appreciate that we got Check # 48 for the 4/8 Eclipse. The 48th Prime number is 223, and Skull and Crossbones223. Eclipses from the same Saros are separated by 223 Lunations.

I could even talk about the Tax on the receipt. $8.46, like how the World Trade Center was attacked at 8:46 in a Skull and Bones riddle. The order time of 7:33 even points to 733, the 130th Prime, and Skull & Bones130.

I promise, I never sought to bore you with the numerology of a dinner receipt on this Blog, but when it was from the date of a Total Eclipse, you’d better believe you’re going to get it.

The Jazz Kitchen has matching 1889 gematria with Thirteen thirty-one.

"The Jazz Kitchen" = 1889 (Latin), "Thirteen thirty one" = 1889 (Standard)

Cloverdale, Indiana

Since 2017, I’ve been teaching about how 1331 is the ultimate Eclipse number. Lieber State Recreation Area is in Cloverdale, Indiana, which sums to 103 and 310.

Cloverdale Indiana = 103 and 310 Reverse

"Jazz Kitchen" = 1776 (Latin)

1776 is 888 + 888. I can’t find it at the moment, but our receipt for entry into Lieber State Rec Area ended in 888881.

"Cloverdale" = 888 (Latin)

The Total eclipse fell on a date with Primary numerology of 56:

"Total eclipse" = 56 (Single Reduction)

"Cloverdale" = 56 (Reverse Reduction)

The 33rd Prime number is 137

Total eclipse = 137 and 713, Indiana, Eclipse, and Lieber all = 137

We saw the Total Eclipse at 1317 W Lieber Rd, zip code 46120:

"Eclipse" = 120 (Reverse)

Cloverdale IN = 120, 57, and 69

Eclipse has Hebrew Gematria of 57:

Eclipse, Eclipse of the Sun, and Eclipse the Sun all = 69

My business partner drove us all the way down to Indiana and back. In another vehicle was his wife and children, the youngest of whom was born on his birthday last year.

The baby was 224 days old for the 2024 Eclipse, which we watched at Lieber State Recreation.

Lieber State Recreation = 224 and 98

April 8th is typically the 98th day of the year:

The Group

My YouTube channel’s name is Gematrinator_85, and my official business name is Gematrinator 85. This is simply because I was born in the year ’85. But it’s cool that the phrase Total solar eclipse has this value.

"Total solar eclipse" = 85 (Single Reduction)

All four people in the SUV I traveled in were born in the year ’85.

The 85th Prime number is 439
We returned to the car at 4:39 p.m.

There’s a span of 201 days between our four birthdays (Feb. 9th to Aug. 28th). This is fitting, as our trip to Lieber was synced to the video I made about the Jesuits just prior.

Eclipse code and Eclipse ritual both = 201 Reverse

"Indianapolis" = 201 (Reverse)

The Jesuit Order, Ignatius of Loyola, Francis Xavier, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, and Domus Sanctae Marthae all = 201

Masonic Electronic Harassment?

Teaching occultic numerology has resulted in many strange things happening in my life, and I was reminded of this on the day of the Eclipse. As my journey is so unique, very few people have my perspective on the Truth of our world and those who seek to control it.

As a man who has been filled with the spirit of Jesus, I have faith that I am protected so long as I stay true to myself and the knowledge I share, so things like this no longer really bother me. But you gotta admit, it’s pretty weird…

From where we stood, Totality ended at 3:08:29 p.m.:

Less than a minute after the Eclipse ended, I received a phone call from the number 666-3033:

This is the gematria of a famous Masonic phrase, which also gives us the special 1331 with Caps Mixed.

Circumscribe our desires and keep our passions within due bounds = 1331, 666, and 333

Normally, I ignore phone calls like this. However, this time, I couldn’t resist picking up.

“Yeah,” I said dryly after hitting Answer. After about one second, I could hear a low-toned beep on the other end.

“‘Ello?” asked the other voice. Although the area code showed upper Wisconsin, the accent suggested this man was not a native English speaker. “Is this Derek?”

“What is it,” I responded, again in a dry tone.

“My name is Sam Moore and I am calling about purchasing your property at (insert an address here)…”

Looking back, I wish I had stayed on and asked the guy more questions, but I instead hung up.

Why is this so strange?

I find it hard to believe that a guy with an accent as strong as his was really named Sam Moore. But the reason it really made me suspicious is because Sam Moore was the name of the first person I ever saw do a gematria decode on me. He hasn’t posted in many years, but in 2017 he made this post pointing out my organic connections to the film Pi from 1998, which I have sinced talked about on several occasions. He made the post even before knowing that I shared a birthday with the actor who played the main character, Sean Gullette.

This adds fuel to my belief that somewhere, on some level, there is an intense focus on what I am doing here on my Blog and YouTube. See my post on the numerology of The Daily Show’s bit about my Calculator. Someone seems very serious about ensuring that I understand I’m being watched.

For me, it’s additional confirmation that I am doing something right (not that I need it). Naturally, there’s something that fulfills or validates my ego in that belief…but I feel it’s reasonable nonetheless.

This notion may strike fear into a lot of people, but it almost has the opposite effect on me. I believe that if I was in any true danger for doing this, I would not be allowed to have the type of success I’ve had in supporting myself with just this work. Granted, it’s a meager living, but wealth is not my goal here – doing what I love is, and I absolutely love discovering and sharing the information I do. So much so, in fact, that I’m perfectly fine dying for it if that’s really what it means.

Of course, I don’t believe anything like that would ever happen, because if anything, that would only validate the work I’ve done to this point.

But on a more positive note, I truly believe that there are many, many people who have been taught this information and would love to teach it to others, but are unable to as a result of their oaths of secrecy. Thus, they must instead quietly support or help guide those who did not take that same oath, such as myself.

Is that just a theory? Of course…but one worth ruminating on.

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