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“Gematria Calculator” on Comedy Central – By the Numbers

In my last post, I point out how Comedy Central made fun of gematria during a segment on The Daily Show. Click here to see their Tweet with the video.

At one point, they show a calculator that looks suspiciously like mine:

This segment was filmed at a Wisconsin Trump rally. Wisconsin just so happens to be where I live.

It was uploaded to Twitter on August 11th. This date can be written as 11/8, which stood out because my calculator first went live back in 2017 on January 18th, or 1/18. But a stronger connection is the other way around.

August 11th is also written 8/11
811 is the 141st Prime number

Gematrinator = 141

Also of note is that they show “88” on the calculator, which is 8×11.

Common Name

The date August 11th is the date leaving 142 days on the calendar, which is the number my real name shares with Gematria:

Derek Tikkuri and Gematria both = 142

This year, August 11th had Primary numerology of 61, matching my name in Reduction:(8) + (11) + (20) + (22) = 61

Derek Tikkuri = 61 Reduction

Multiplying the digits in the date even gives you 64, which was the number of my first YouTube Channel due to my Birthday falling on June 4th, or 6/4:

Birthday = 604 Latin

In that same Latin cipher, which I believe to be the most significant in the study, my name sums to 522.

Derek Tikkuri = 522 Latin

Daily Show host Trevor Noah was 5 months, 22 days after his birthday:

Full Name

The segment was uploaded to Twitter at 10:01 a.m., which is the 601st minute of the day.

Derek Michael J. Tikkuri = 601 Primes

Derek Michael J. Tikkuri = 2022 Reverse Sumerian

Measuring from my 2022 birthday to the date of this segment was 68 days (or 9 weeks, 5 days):

Both of these numbers sync up with my full name.

337 is the 68th Prime number

My birthday has Standard numerology of 95:(6) + (4) + (85) = 95

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