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“Twin Towers” Member Big Boss Man and the Number 13

This is my third of a series of posts.

The Twin Towers

The Big Boss Man was one half of a tag team called The Twin Towers, which was also the nickname of the original World Trade Center.

The Twin Towers = 199, Big Boss Man = 199 and 247, World Trade Center = 247

Flights 11 and 175 destroyed the Twin Towers on 9/11.

The Twin Towers were born 1175 days apart:

Akeem always wore a tall hat on on his head during interviews and on his way to the ring. The North Tower had a 110-meter telecommunications tower on it.

Boss Man was born a span of 9 months, 11 days before Akeem’s birthday:

Boss Man was 9 years, 11 months (or 119 months) old when the Twin Towers opened:

Big Boss Man died at the age of 15,119 days:

News of Boss Man’s death broke a span of 1109 days after 9/11:

New York’s Twin Towers fell on 9/11 in 2001

Ray Traylor was 2001 weeks old for the 9/11 attacks in 2001:

September 11th is the 254th day of the year:

Of the two Twin Towers, Big Boss Man (Ray Traylor) was the one to suffer an early death.

"Big Boss Man Ray Traylor" = 254 (Ordinal)

Traylor’s full name has Ordinal gematria of 311.

"Ray Washington Traylor Jr" = 311 (Ordinal)

The Big Boss Man died 3 years, 11 days after the Twin Towers were destroyed:

311 is the 64th Prime number

"Ray Traylor Jr" = 64 (Reduction)

"The Twin Towers" = 64 (Reduction)

32×2 = 64 and "Skull and Bones" = 604 (Satanic)

Boss Man died a span of exactly 64 months after Owen Hart:

A total of 2977 people died in the September 11th attacks:

Boss Man was hung 2977 Sidereal months after Independence Day:

The other Twin Tower in Boss Man’s tag team was Akeem “The African Dream”.

Akeem was exactly 523 Sidereal months old when Boss Man was hung:

Hulk Hogan was 52 years, 300 days old when Earthquake died:

523 is the 99th Prime number
Owen Hart died on 5/23 in ’99

This brings us to the number 13, which is extremely-significant in this progression.

"Thirteen" = 99 (Ordinal)


The Boss Man was Hung in ’99

The Undertaker was born a span of exactly 99 weeks after Boss Man:

The Undertaker was born 606 weeks after Hulk Hogan and exactly 99 weeks after the Big Boss Man:

Ray Washington Traylor Jr. was hung on a date with Standard numerology of 130:

Ray Washington Traylor = 103 and Ray Washington Traylor Jr = 130

Boss Man was born exactly 130 Sidereal months after Hulk Hogan:

Skull & Bones and Human sacrifice both = 130 Ordinal

Skull & Bones is also known as The Brotherhood of Death.

Ray Washington Traylor Jr = 3047, The Brotherhood of Death and Thirteen both = 347

Thirteen has Reverse gematria of 117.

"Thirteen" = 117 (Reverse)

September was the 7th month on the Roman calendar (Sep7), so the 11th of September used to be 11/07.

"Ray Traylor" = 117 (Reverse)

Ray Traylor died 1107 days after the September 11th attacks:

"Undertaker" = 117 (Ordinal)

The Undertaker beat Hulk Hogan (Terry Gene Bollea) for the Title 117 months before 9/11:

"Hulk Hogan Terry Bollea" = 1107 (Latin)

Hulk Hogan was 11 years, 70 days old when Herbert Hoover died:

Hulk Hogan Terry Gene Bollea = 117 in both Reduction and Reverse Reduction

January 6th falls a span of 117 days before Ray Traylor’s birthday:

January 6th falls 117 days after September 11th:

"The United States of America" = 117 (Single Reduction)

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