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The Big Boss Man’s Mock Sacrifice at WrestleMania XV

This is my second of a series of posts.

It’s no secret on this Blog that I was raised as a pro wrestling fan, watching it with the family every weekend for many years. I was born right after the first WrestleMania, and loved the sport’s Golden Era (especially since Hulk Hogan looks like my dad), but I was quick to grow out of it.

However, in 1998, the spectacle roped me back in as the Attitude Era brought in more adult themes and content, and for the next couple of years I was hooked.

In March of 1999, I went to my friend Tony’s house to watch WrestleMania XV. It was a show I was very excited for, as I rarely ever got the chance to watch Pay-Per-Views live. The event was pretty good, but I’ll never forget the Hell in a Cell match between the Undertaker and the Big Boss Man.

After the mediocre match, a few of the Undertaker’s minions descended from the rafters and lowered a noose into the ring from the cell above. This led to an unsettling (and fairly-realistic) scene as the Undertaker tied the noose around the Boss Man’s neck before having the cell raised.

It was one of the most eerie moments in WWE’s history. While wrestling likes to blur the lines between what’s real and what’s scripted, this came real close to stepping over that line, and left many viewers troubled at what they had witnessed.

666 / 33

Boss Man has Satanic gematria of 328.

"Boss Man" = 328 (Satanic)

WrestleMania Fifteen was held on March 28th, written 3/28 or 28/3:

"WrestleMania Fifteen" = 283 (Capitals Added)

Boss Man’s real name was Ray Washington Traylor Jr.

Ray Washington Traylor, Ray Washington Traylor Jr, and Ray Traylor Jr all = 283

Ray Traylor died 2083 weeks after Herbert Hoover:

2083 is the Latin gematria of 666.

"Six hundred and sixty six" = 2083 (Latin)

Boss Man ultimately died in the city of Dallas, Georgia.

"Dallas Georgia" = 666 (Sumerian)

When the Undertaker hung the Boss Man, Hulk Hogan was a span of 16666 days old:

"Hulk Hogan" = 344 (Latin)

The Undertaker was 34 years, 4 days old:

This happened in 1999

Thirty-three66 60
Thirty-three = 156 = Six six six156 = Triple sixes

1999 is the 303rd Prime number
Boss Man was listed at 330 pounds

"Boss Man" = 303 (Latin)

Boss Man’s hanging occurred 330 days after his birthday:

Big Boss Man was one half of a tag team called The Twin Towers.

"Twin Towers" = 330 (Capitals Mixed)

The Twin Towers were destroyed 33 years after construction began:

Boss Man was born 507 weeks, 2 days after Hogan:

"Skull and Bones" = 572 (Latin)

The numbers 33 and 666 were also prevalent in the assassination of President Kennedy.

Kennedy = 33 and 666

Kennedy was killed in Dallas, Texas. Boss Man died in Dallas, Georgia.

Dallas = 49 and 41

Boss Man died exactly 490 months (or 40 years, 10 days) after John F. Kennedy:

Twin Towers = 49 and Skull and Bones = 41

Skull and Crossbones

The 283 noted above is the 61st Prime number. This is one of the numbers Big Boss Man shares with Christian and Christianity.

Big Boss Man = 61, 101, and 169, Ray Traylor = 169, Christian = 61 and 101, Christianity = 169

Jesus was hung on the Cross

Jesus and Cross both = 61 Reverse

"Skull and crossbones" = 61 (Reduction)

A widely-circulated image that also appears on Boss Man’s Wikipedia page shows him wearing a shirt with just Skull and Crossbones on it:

The other member of The Twin Towers was Akeem, who had previously wrestled under the name One Man Gang, whose outfit also featured the Skull and Crossbones:

The real Twin Towers were destroyed on a date with Primary numerology of 41:

Boss Man later died at age 41

The date of Boss Man’s Hell in a Cell match had perfect overlap with the base values of Skull & Bones:

Skull and Bones = 149, 41, and 59, Skull Bones = 130, 31, and 59

Appropriately, the name of my friend whose house I watched the event at is a Supermatch with Skull and Bones (shoutout to Tony a.k.a. Bobo the Hobo).

Skull and Bones and Tony C both = 149, 202, and 76

Boss Man’s hanging at WrestleMania XV happened in the city of Philadelphia.

"Philadelphia" = 223 (Reverse)

Hulk Hogan was born on the 223rd day of the year, which is the 11th of August, or 11/8:

Death and Homicide both = 118 Latin

The secret society that uses Skull and Crossbones and the number 223 as its emblem is at Yale, which turned 322 years old in 2023, and is also known as the Brotherhood of Death.

Skull and Crossbones and Brotherhood of Death both = 97 Single Reduction

"Hulk Hogan" = 97 (Ordinal)

97 is the 25th Prime number

Death = 97 and 25

The Skull and Bones society is located at Connecticut’s Yale University.

"Yale University" = 205 (Ordinal)

Traylor was born on the 2nd of May, which can be written as 2/05:

"Ray Traylor" = 205 (Capitals Added)

Ray Traylor died 2005 days after WrestleMania Fifteen:

"WrestleMania Fifteen" = 205 (Ordinal)

The Boss Man’s stunt was made possible by a safety harness he wore under his ring gear. Later that year, wrestler Owen Hart was trying a similar stunt when an accident sent him free-falling about seventy feet into the ring. Owen succumbed to his injuries.

Ray Traylor was born 2 years, 5 days before Owen Hart:

As a member of the Twin Towers, Boss Man was defeated by the Mega Powers, consisting of Hulk Hogan and “Macho Man” Randy Savage, who died in 2011 on the 20th of May, or 20/5:

Bonesman Bush

Big Boss Man has matching 38 gematria with Hulk Hogan.

Big Boss Man and Hulk Hogan both = 38

The 38th Prime number is 163

The president during the 9/11 attacks was George W. Bush, who was born near Yale in New Haven and graduated from the school as a member of Skull and Bones.

"George Bush" = 163 (Reverse)

George W. Bush was 16 years, 300 days old when Traylor was born and 58 years, 78 days old when he died:

In Reduction, George W. Bush = 58 and George Walker Bush = 78

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