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Hall of Fame College Basketball Coach Bob Knight Dies @ 83

This is my first of three posts on this story from a couple of days ago.

Legendary Indiana basketball coach Bob Knight dies at 83

Bob Knight won three national championships for the Indiana Hoosiers Men’s Basketball program, where he was the head coach for almost three decades.

"Indiana Hoosiers Mens Basketball" = 902 (Latin)

When he retired from coaching eight years later, he had an NCAA record 902 wins:

"Indiana Hoosiers" = 92 (Reverse Reduction)

The “Knight” Theme

There’s a lot of synchronicity with this news. The last week on this Blog has focused on the death of Matthew Perry, who constantly referred to himself as Mattman in the weeks leading up to his tragedy. This was an obvious spin on Batman, whose nickname is The Dark Knight.

Batman The Dark Knight = 556, 79, and 110. Indiana Hoosiers = 556 and 79, Indiana University = 110

Bob’s last name isn’t his only connection to the word Knight. Before his time at Indiana, he was the head coach of the basketball team for the Black Knights.

In 1986, while he was the head coach at Indiana, the movie Hoosiers was released. It was about a high school basketball team from Indiana, and for the team’s home games, they conducted filming at a basketball court in Knightstown, Indiana.

Curiously, Knightstown is a town in Wayne County. While Matthew Perry was killing it on Friends in the 90’s, a man named Wayne Knight played a supporting role on Seinfeld, perhaps the only sitcom more popular that decade.

This weekend, WWE is running a show in Saudi Arabia. Its main event features their champion Roman Reigns defending against a wrestler named LA Knight.


Mars is the ruler of Scorpio on the Zodiac. Bob Knight was born on October 25th and died on November 1st – both dates are under the sign of Scorpio.

Bob Knight died exactly 6 Martian years after the Batman shooting:

knight is a soldier and part of an Army. The god of war in Roman lore was Mars, and Knight’s first job as a head coach was at Army.

Mars, Army, Rome, and Moon all = 57 and 51

Rome, which also has matching gematria with Moon, was founded in the year 753 B.C.:

Bob Knight was exactly 753 Lunar phases old for the 9/11 attacks:

Moon = 754 (Fibonacci)

These 110-pixel tall thumbnails can be clicked to reveal a lot about how important the numbers 11 / 110 were on 9/11:

Whoever you believe was responsible for it, 9/11 was an act of War, which again Mars is the god of. Recent major geopolitical events have caused dire situations that some analysts believe will lead to World War III.

Knight passed away 11 days before Indiana plays at Army:

Bob Knight died exactly 1010 months after the start of World War II:

America’s involvement in World War II became official after it was attacked by Japan at Pearl Harbor.

"Yoko Ono" = 1010 (Standard)

Yoko Ono is the Japanese widow of John Lennon. Less than a day after news of Knight’s death broke, the Beatles released their final single, which was a reworked version of a John Lennon song.

Japan’s flag has the Red dot:

Mars is known as the “Red planet,” as it is the Red dot in the night sky. After almost 30 years at Indiana, whose primary color was Red, he spent eight years as the coach of the Texas Tech Red Raiders.

Retirement from Texas Tech

"Red Raiders" = 101 (Ordinal)

Knight’s final game with the Red Raiders was a span of 101 days after his birthday:

For his replacement, he chose his son Pat Knight, who was born on the date leaving 101 days in the year:

"Knights" = 101 (Reverse)

"Skull and Bones society" = 101 (Single Reduction)

The Dark Knight Rises

Bob Knight’s final game for the Texas Tech Red Raiders was during Brown Lunation # 1052:

Texas Tech Red Raiders = 1520 and 206

Pat Knight’s first game was on 2/06

The Dark Knight Rises = 206 and 280

He took over in 2008

The phrase for Total solar eclipse (Full solar eclipse) sums to 280 in Standard Hebrew gematria:

The 208th Prime number is 1283

"Robert Montgomery Knight" = 1283 (Latin)

Six hundred and sixty six = 2083, The Moon and Total solar eclipse both = 283

The Dark Knight Rises = 656 Latin and 926 Standard

The Batman shooting was exactly 959 Sidereal months after Bob was born and 9 months, 29 days after Pat’s birthday:

James Holmes and United States of America both = 929 Latin

Eclipse Code

My next two posts will explore how this all syncs up to the Eclipse code and Yale’s Skull and Bones.

Indiana, Knight, Pat Knight, Total eclipse, and Eclipse all = 137

137 is the 33rd Prime number:

Knight died a span of 3 weeks, 3 days after Yale’s special anniversary:

The Golden Knights won the Stanley Cup exactly 33 weeks after his birthday:

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