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The Death of Bob Knight and the Great American Eclipses

This is my second of three posts on this story from a couple of days ago.

Bob Knight passed away at the age of 83

Legendary Indiana basketball coach Bob Knight dies at 83

"Head coach" = 83 (Latin)

Moon = 83 Caps Added, Total eclipse and Solar eclipse both = 83 Hebrew

Yale University was founded on the date leaving 83 days in the year:

Yale University, Murder, and Texas Tech all = 83

The Crossbones under the Skull are representative of the Cross created by the path of Eclipses:

That second Eclipse enters the United States over Texas before it sweeps over Indiana, finally exiting after passing over New York:

Bob Knight also coached for Texas Tech and Army, which is in West Point, New York. Consider how Texas just won their first-ever World Series against Arizona, who hasn’t played in the Fall Classic since they beat New York less than two months after 9/11 in 2001.

He achieved his greatest success during his tenure coaching the Indiana Hoosiers in Bloomington, which is where he died. Bloomington sits directly in the path of totality for next year’s Solar eclipse:

His death fell a span of 160 days before the next Great American Solar eclipse:

"Indiana Hoosiers" = 160 (Ordinal)

"Solar eclipse" = 160 (Capitals Added)

In that Caps Added method, Hoosiers has double gematria of 134, matching Solar eclipse in Ordinal.

Hoosiers = 134 in Caps Added and Reverse Caps Added

"Solar eclipse" = 134 (Ordinal)

In Ordinal, Bloomington, IN sums to 159.

"Bloomington IN" = 159 (Ordinal)

Knight’s final game at Texas Tech was a span of exactly 15 years, 9 months before he died, which was 159 days before the second Great American Eclipse, which in turn was 5910 days after his final game:

"The World Trade Center" = 1590 (Latin) and "September eleventh" = 1590 (Reverse Sumerian)

In Reverse, Bloomington, IN matches Eclipse in Latin.

Bloomington IN and Eclipse both = 192

Knight and Eclipse both = 69 and 33

“Total solar eclipse”

In Latin, Basketball sums to 251.

"Basketball" = 251 (Latin)

He died 22 years, 51 days after the 9/11 attacks:

Bob was born on the 25th of October, or 25/10:

This was a date with Reduced numerology of 22:1+0 + 2+5 + 1+9+4+0 = 22

Bob Knight was born during Brown Lunation # 220:

"Basketball" = 22 (Reduction)

Bob Knight’s final game at Texas Tech was on February 2nd, or 2/02Texas Tech’s initials are T.T., or 20-20.

Knight’s final game on 2/2 fell exactly 2200 weeks after his first:

The Brotherhood of Death = 220 and Skull and Bones = 202

He died a span of 20 weeks, 2 days after the Vegas Golden Knights won the Stanley Cup:

Total solar eclipse = 202 Ordinal and 67 Reduction

Bob was 67 years old
His team won with 67 points:

He was born on the date leaving 67 days in the year:

The 67th Prime number is 331

Pat Knight was born 331 days after his dad’s birthday:

In 2001, the same year as the 9/11 attacks, a movie came out (also on the 11th) called A Knight’s Tale. Pat Knight was 11190 days old for its release, and Bob Knight died a span of 8210 later:

The first Great American Eclipse fell on August 21st, or 8/21:

Bob Knight died exactly 821 weeks after his son’s first game:

In Reverse, Pat Knight = 189 Caps Added and 272 Caps Mixed

Knight died a span of exactly 189 months after his last game (or 272 days after its aniversary):

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