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Cause of Death for Wild ‘N Out Star Jacky Oh Revealed

‘Wild ‘N Out’ star Jacky Oh’s cause of death determined after her sudden passing at 33 The MTV star shared three children with her partner, DC Young Fly.

As has become increasingly necessary over time, this is my first of two posts on this story. See my next one to learn about the ridiculous 33 riddle encoded into this story, and how it connects to the Eclipse code.

Jacky Oh / Jackie O.

The name Jacky Oh reminds us of Jackie O., of former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

Jackie Onassis was a span of exactly 3197 weeks old when Jacky Oh was born, and died 3 years, 197 days later:

Jackie Kennedy was sitting beside her husband when he was assassinated in 1963.

Jacky Oh died 3105 weeks after Jhn F. Kennedy:

Jacky Oh died on 31/5

Today is a span of 315 days after the date of the JFK assassination:

Her long-term partner was DC Young Fly.

DC Young Fly is exactly 31 years, 5 months old today:

“Jacqueline Kennedy”

Kennedy assassination has Reduction gematria of 76.

"Kennedy assassination" = 76 (Reduction)

Jacky Oh was a member of the MTV / VH1 series Wild ‘N Out, which just concluded its 20th season.

Wild ‘N Out debuted exactly 76 years after “Jackie O” was born:

Now a star of the show named Jacklyn dies due to Complications from Surgery?

Jacklyn, Complications, and Surgery all = 76

Jacqueline Kennedy sums to both 76 and 175.

Jacqueline Kennedy = 76 and 175

Jacky Oh died 175 days before the anniversary of the JFK assassination:

Wild ‘N Out first aired a span of exactly 2,175 weeks after the Kennedy assassination:

It took a span of 17 weeks, 5 days (or a span of 125 days) for her cause of death to be published:

John Kennedy, Jacky Oh, and Complications from surgery all = 125

Nick Cannon

Wild ‘N Out is hosted and produced by Nick Cannon.

Nick Cannon was born on a date with Primary numerology of 117, matching Jackie Kennedy in Ordinal:(10) + (8) + (19) + (80) = 117

"Jackie Kennedy" = 117 (Ordinal)

JFK was shot 117 days after her birthday:

The series premiere aired 11 years, 70 days after her death:

Nick was 710 weeks, 1 day old when Jackie died:

The homicide code is widely-recognized as 187:"Death" = 97 (Reverse)

"JFK Assassination" = 187 (Ordinal)

Nick Cannon was born 18700 days after Jackie Onassis:

"Brotherhood of Death" = 187 (Ordinal)


Jackie Onassis would have been 34,399 days old for today’s news:

Murder = 34 and 399

"Cosmetic surgery" = 399 (Capitals Mixed)

Today’s news falls just four days after the season finale of Wild ‘N Out aired on September 28th, which raised the show’s total episode count from 398 to 399. (source)

"Wild N Out" = 398 (Satanic)

In Ordinal, Murder sums to 79.

"Murder" = 79 (Ordinal)

Jacky’s death in Miami fell on a date with Primary numerology of 79, just one day before the Miami Heat from Miami, Florida played Game 1 of the NBA Finals:(5) + (31) + (20) + (23) = 79

Miami, Miami Heat, and Miami Florida all = 79

"Jacky Oh DC Young Fly" = 79 (Reduction)

Kill / Sacrifice Code

Jacky Oh died on a date with Primary numerology of 59:(5) + (31) + (23) = 59

Jacky died 59 days before the anniversary of Wild ‘N Out:

59 is the 17th Prime number

"John Whitfield" = 1759 (Latin)

Kill = 59, 44, and 17

Jacky Oh passed away a span of exactly 17 years, 44 weeks after the premiere of Wild ‘N Out:

Nick Cannon and Wild N Out both = 44 and 98

Nick Cannon was born on a date with Standard numerology of 98:(10) + (8) + (80) = 98

His show first aired 98 days before Jacky Oh’s birthday:

"John Kennedy" = 172 (Reverse)

Nick Cannon has matching 172 gematria with both Jacky Oh and Jacklyn Smith.

Nick Cannon = 172 and 55, Jacky Oh = 1072 and Jacklyn Smith = 55

Her cause of death was revealed on a date with Primary numerology of 55:(10) + (2) + (20) + (23) = 55

"Sacrifice" = 55 (Single Reduction)

So does Sacrifice.

Sacrifice = 73 and 46, Jacky Oh = 73 and Jacklyn Smith = 46

Jacky would be a span of 7 months, 30 days before her birthday:

There’s more I couldn’t ignore…

Jackie Onassis would be a span of 34400 days old today:

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Jacky Oh = 344, John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Complications from surgery both = 334

Kennedy assassination = 238 and Complications from surgery = 1493 and the 238th Prime number is 1493

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