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Smash Mouth Singer Steve Harwell Dies @ 56

Steve Harwell, former Smash Mouth singer, dies at 56: 'A 100% full-throttle life'

The quote in the headline says he lived A full-throttle life, which has matching gematria with Total solar eclipse.

A full throttle life and Total solar eclipse both = 202 and 257

"Steve Harwell" = 202 (Capitals Added)

This series of posts will examine how the death of Steve Harwell, the original lead singer of Smash Mouth, is connected to the Total eclipse code.

Total eclipse = 137 and 187, Smash Mouth = 137, Steven Harwell = 187

Harwell died on September 4th, or 9/4. Smash Mouth was formed in 1994.

"Total solar eclipse" = 994 (Standard)

This is my first of three posts on this story today. Check out my next one to see how it’s connected to the Moon’s Metonic cycle and the Eclipse code.

My third post does a deep-dive explaining how the number 666 is repeatedly coded as well.

Elvis Presley

Smash Mouth released a number of successful singles in their prime, but they are undoubtedly known for two songs in particular. The first is their debut single, 1997’s Walkin’ on the Sun, their only Billboard #1 song.

The Sun is a Star. Smash Mouth’s other most popular song is 1999’s All Star, which was famously featured in the 2001 film Shrek.

2001 was a tough year for Steve Harwell. In January of that year, his wife gave birth to their son Presley, who would die following a bout with Leukemia in July of that year. They named Presley after Elvis, the King of Rock and roll.

Steve was born one day after Elvis’s birthday, and Presley was born two days before it.

"Elvis Presley" = 167 (Ordinal)

Steve Harwell was born a span of exactly 1670 weeks after Elvis Presley, the king of Rock and Roll, and 1 year, 23 days before Lisa Marie Presley:

Rock and roll = 123, 174, 51, and 66, Steve Harwell = 174, 51 and 66

Walkin’ on the Sun came out 174 days after Elvis’s birthday:

"Rodney King" = 174 (Capitals Added)

Rodney King

Walkin’ on the Sun was written in response to the Rodney King beating by the Los Angeles Police Department in 1991, which led to the 1992 Los Angeles Riots.

It’s been 1063 months since Elvis Presley died:

Rodney died 163 days after Presley’s birthday:

163 is the 38th Prime number

"Smash Mouth" = 38 (Reduction)

The word for Moon sums to 38 in Hebrew Ordinal:

Presley’s Death fell 3800 days after Rodney King was pummeled:

Presley died a span of 38 days after the last Total solar eclipse (Saros 127):

It was on a date with a Life Lesson number of 38:(7) + (28) + 2+0+0+1 = 38

Steve died 22 years, 38 days after his son:

The Rodney King case caused riots in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles = 161 Reverse and Caps Added

Rodney King died a span of 161 days (or exactly 23 weeks ) after Steve Harwell’s birthday:

Rodney = 161 Caps and Reverse Caps, King = 23 Reduction

Rodney King was 11,777 days old when Walkin’ on the Sun came out:

Rodney died 7777 days after he was beaten by LAPD:

He was 47 years, 77 days old when he died:

Jim Morrison

What makes this even more intriguing is that almost every review of Walkin’ on the Sun mentions how it seems to channel the rock sound made popular by The Doors. The lead singer of the Doors, Jim Morrison, was found dead in a bathtub in France. Rodney King was found dead in his swimming pool on the anniversary of the death of his father, who was found dead in a bathtub. You simply cannot make this stuff up.

Jim Morrison was a topic of this Blog back in February. See my post and/or my video on the death of Jansen Panettiere, who was wearing a Doors shirt in his last Instagram photo. His numbers are synced to this story as well.

Morrison died on July 3rd:

Harwell died in Idaho, which was admitted to the Union on July 3rd, written either 3/7 or 7/3:

Idaho = 37 and 73

Jim Morrison died exactly 972 months after Idaho’s admission:

Steve’s son Presley died during Brown Lunation # 972:

September 4th was a span of 972 days after the January 6th attack, and January 6th was Presley’s birthday. A Proud Boys leader was sentenced today, which was 972 days later without the end date. His name is Enrique Tarrio = 729.

Jansen Panettiere was born in the year ’94.

"Jansen Panettiere" = 94 (Reverse Reduction)

Walkin’ on the Sun was released 9494 days after Jim Morrison died:

Smash Mouth formed in ’94
Steven died on 9/4

"Ritual human sacrifice" = 94 (Reduction)

"Steven" = 940 (Latin)

Elvis died on a date with Primary numerology of 63:(1) + (8) + (19) + (35) = 63

Harwell’s death fell 63 days after the anniversary of Morrison’s:

Jim Morrison, whose recording career probably began in the year ’63, was born on a date with Primary numerology of 63 and died in Paris:(12) + (8) + (43) = 63

Jim Morrison and Paris both = 63

It’s been 52 years since Jim Morrison died:

This is the gematria of both Smash Mouth and their other hit single, All Star.

Smash Mouth and All Star both = 52, Smash Mouth All Star = 239

The 52nd Prime number is 239

"Steven Harwell" = 239 (Reverse Caps Added)

Steven Harwell died a span of 239 days after his birthday:

This year, Major League Baseball played its 93rd annual All-Star Game, which is noteworthy because the Sun is an average of ~93 million miles from Earth:

"Elvis" = 93 (Capitals Added)

Kawhi Leonard

In 2020, I made this post after the NBA All-Star Game. Beginning that year, the All-Star MVP trophy was renamed the Kobe Bryant Trophy, as Kobe had died just a few weeks prior, and the inaugural one was given to Kawhi Leonard, who was playing in his first season with the Los Angeles Clippers.

At the very end of that post, I put forth a “crazy” theory that the song All Star was actually connected to the death of Kobe Bryant, the 2020 All-Star Game, and Kawhi. As it turns out, I was actually spot-on. Consider how Kobe wore numbers 24 and 8 throughout his career:

He was 248 months old when All Star was released and died 248 months later:

Human sacrifice = 248 Reverse and Kobe Bryant = 248 Ordinal Mirror

Presley Scott Harwell has matching 257 Reverse gematria with Blood sacrifice and Total solar eclipse.

Presley Scott Harwell, Blood sacrifice, and Total solar eclipse all = 257 Reverse

Blood sacrifice sums to 121 in Ordinal.

"Blood sacrifice" = 121 (Ordinal)

Presley died exactly 10 years, 21 weeks after the Rodney King beating and exactly 121 months after Kawhi Leonard was born:

Kawhi Leonard = 121 and 203

Presley was 203 days old when he passed away:

"Kawhi Leonard" = 68 (Reverse Reduction)

Harwell died a span of 68 days after Kawhi Leonard’s birthday:

This is also the Reverse gematria of Elvis and Jansen Panettiere.

"Elvis" = 68 (Reverse)

"Jansen Panettiere" = 68 (Reduction)

Miscellaneous Syncs

Steven Scott Harwell died 241 days after the anniversary of his son’s passing:

Steven Scott Harwell, Blood sacrifice, and Metonic all = 241

241 is the 53rd Prime number

"Solar eclipse" = 53 (Reduction)

Rodney’s beating in Los Angeles fell 53 days after Harwell’s birthday:

"Los Angeles" = 53 (Reverse Reduction)

Steve Harwell died of Liver failure.

Liver = 66, Liver failure = 66, 186, and 164, Walkin on the Sun = 186, Steve Harwell = 164, Steven Harwell = 66

Lisa Marie was born 1035 days after Rodney King:

This is the Ordinal value Fush Yu Mang shares with Kobe Bean Bryant.

Fush Yu Mang = 135 and 135, Kobe Bean Bryant = 135, All Star = 135, Elvis = 135

Elvis was born in 1935

Elvis’s full name has a lot of overlap with Kobe’s.

Elvis Aaron Presley = 81, 216, and 243, Kobe Bean Bryant = 81 and 243, Los Angeles = 216, Rodney = 81 and 81 and King = 81

Kobe died in 2020

"Elvis" = 22 (Reduction)

Elvis died 220 days after his birthday:

"Smash Mouth All Star" = 220 (Ordinal)

Kobe Bean Bryant, Rock and roll, and Human sacrifice all = 738

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