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“Metonic Cycle” Coding in Death of Steve Harwell

This is my second post on this story. See my first one if you haven’t already.

My third post explores the prevalence of 666 in this event.

The Metonic Cycle

Metonic is a perfect base match with Harwell.

Metonic and Harwell both = 79, 110, 34, and 38

Walkin’ on the Sun was written about the Rodney King incident.

Harwell died 11 years, 79 days after Rodney King:

Metonic has Latin gematria of 237. Steve Harwell had a son named Presley Scott Harwell, named after Elvis Presley.

In Latin, Metonic = 237 and Presley Scott Harwell = 2037

The Metonic cycle consists of 235 Lunar phases

Steven Scott Harwell died 235 days after Lisa Marie Presley:

The Metonic cycle = 245 and 70, Steven Scott Harwell = 245, 70, and 101, Lisa Marie Presley = 245 and 101

Nineteen (19) and Sixty-seven (67)

The Metonic cycle is a period of 19 years

Steve’s initials are S.H., or 198
19 is the 8th Prime number

The 19th Prime number is 67

Steve Harwell was born on 1/9 of 1967:

The Sun, which also begins with the 19th letter, is the 19th card of the Tarot’s Major Arcana:

Solar eclipse = 190 and Total solar eclipse = 67

Harwell died exactly 1 year, 9 months after the last Total solar eclipse:

MLB’s last All-Star Game was in Seattle. The 2020 NBA All-Star Game was in Los Angeles.

"All Star Game" = 109 (Ordinal)

"Seattle" = 19 (Reduction)

"Los Angeles" = 109 (Ordinal)

The 19-year Metonic cycle is named after the astronomer Meton of Athens.

Meton and Athens both = 67 Ordinal

The Smash Mouth singer died a span of 67 days after the anniversary of Walkin’ on the Sun:

Smash Mouth = 607 Latin, Walking on the Sun = 67 Reduction

Walkin’ on the Sun came out exactly 607 weeks after the last Eclipse from Saros # 152:

Human sacrifice and Blood sacrifice both = 67

Elvis was known as the King of rock ‘n’ roll.

Elvis and Elvis Presley both = 67

King = 67 Reverse and Caps Added

Lisa Marie died exactly 607 Sidereal months after her father:

Kobe died in Calabasas on a date with Primary numerology of 67:(1) + (26) + (20) + (20) = 67

"Kobe" = 67 (Latin)

"Calabasas" = 67 (Reverse Reduction)

Kobe was 670 weeks old when Kawhi was born:

Harwell died 67 days after Kawhi’s birthday:

The 67th Prime number is 331

Walkin’ on the Sun came out 330 weeks, 1 day after the Rodney King incident:

"The Sun" = 443 (Latin)

443 is the 86th Prime number

19 + 6786

"Nineteen" = 86 (Ordinal)

Presley Harwell was born 86 days before Rodney King’s birthday:

The 19th Fibonacci number is 4181

Rodney King died 418 months, 1 day after Elvis Presley and 4181 days after Presley Harwell was born:

Eclipse Code

The Metonic cycle is credited to Meton of Athens.

"Meton" = 225 (Latin)

Steve Harwell died in Boise 2205 days after the first Great American Eclipse:

"Boise" = 225 (Satanic)

Boise sits just outside the path of totality for that 2017 Eclipse:

225 is 15 squared

"Steve Harwell" = 150 (Ordinal)

Steve died exactly 31 weeks before the second Great American Eclipse:

"Boise" = 31 (Reverse Reduction)

"Elvis" = 31 (Single Reduction)

The 31st Prime number is 127

"Metonic cycle" = 127 (Ordinal)

All Star was released as a single on a date with Primary numerology of 127:(5) + (4) + (19) + (99) = 127

Harwell died in Boise exactly 1270 weeks after the song’s release and 127 days before his next birthday:

Steve Harwell was 127 months old when Elvis died:

"Smash Mouth Walkin on the Sun" = 127 (Reverse Reduction)

“Nineteen years”

The Metonic cycle is a period of Nineteen years, during which seven of them will have an extra Full Moon, or a Thirteenth month19 and 7

Metonic cycle, Nineteen years, Thirteenth month, and Thirteen all = 197

"Moon" = 197 (Satanic)

Rodney and Steve were born 1 year, 9 months, 7 days apart:

King died on the date leaving 197 days in the year:

The 1992 riots caused by the Rodney King incident happened in Los Angeles, California. The first All-Star Game to award the Kobe Bryant Trophy was in Chicago, Illinois.

Los Angeles California and CHicago Illinois both = 197

Scott Harwell died 197 days after Jansen Panettiere:

Presley died 1970 days after the first Great American Eclipse:

197 is the 45th Prime number

Walkin’ on the Sun was off of Smash Mouth’s debut album Fush Yu Mang.

Fush Yu Mang = 45 and 45

Harwell was 45 years, 160 days old when Rodney Glen King died:

"Te Metonic cycle" = 160 (Ordinal)

Rodney Glen King = 160 and 218

The first Great American Eclipse fell on the 21st of August, or 21/8.

Harwell died a span of 218 days before the second Great American Eclipse:

Presley Harwell died 218 days before March 3rd:

Moon = 218 Hebrew, Death = 218 Standard

"Athens Greece" = 218 (Capitals Mixed)

"Kawhi Anthony Leonard" = 218 (Ordinal)


Meton of Athens and Athens Greece both = 56

Steven Harwell of Smash Mouth has reportedly died at the age of 56.

Steven Harwell, Smash Mouth, and Total eclipse all = 56

His death fell a span of 56 days after this year’s MLB All-Star Game:

Lisa Marie Presley died on a date with Primary numerology of 56:(1) + (12) + (20) + (23) = 56

Presley Harwell also died on a date with Primary numerology of 56:(7) + (28) + (20) + (01) = 56

Presley was born 56 days before March 3rd:

Kawhi Leonard signed with Los Angeles on a date with Primary numerology of 56:(7) + (10) + (20) + (19) = 56

Steve died 56 days after the anniversary of that signing:

Steve Harwell died on a date with Primary numerology of 56, leaving 118 days in the year:(9) + (4) + (20) + (23) = 56

"Metonic cycle" = 1108 (Standard)

"Fifty six" = 118 (Ordinal)

"Rock n roll" = 118 (Ordinal)

"Smash Mouth Steve Harwell" = 118 (Reverse Reduction)

Kobe met his Death at age Forty-one.

"Forty one" = 118 (Ordinal)

Death and Homicide both = 118 Latin

Presley’s birth was 118 months after the LAPD ass-whooping:

Presley Harwell died a span of 118 days after King’s birthday:

Harwell died a span of 11 years, 80 days after the Death of Rodney King:

Kawhi Leonard also plays in Los Angeles for the Clippers.

"Clippers" = 118 (Reverse)

Kawhi was born a span of 118 days after the LAPD beat Rodney King:

The 118th Prime number is 647

Los Angeles California = 118 and 647

Rodney and Steve were born 647 days apart:

One One Three (113)

Steve Harwell died in Boise. This has matching 176 gematria with Jansen Panettiere.

"Boise" = 176 (Standard)

"Jansen Panettiere" = 176 (Ordinal)

Presley Harwell died on July 8th, the date leaving 176 days in the year:

Rodney King died on 17/6
That date can also be written 6/17

"Metonic cycle" = 617 (Reverse Satanic)

617 is the 113th Prime number

Rodney King died exactly 10 year, 10 months 3 weeks after Presley Harwell:

Presley passed away 1 year, 130 days before the next Total solar eclipse:

King was 311 months, 1 day old for the beating and Harwell was 11130 days old for Walkin’ on the Sun:

Kobe Bryant = 113 and 1130

See my next post to learn how 666, the number of The Beast, is a major part of this riddle.

"The Beast" = 311 (Latin)

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