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Ecuadorian Presidential Candidante Fernando Villavicencio Assassinated

Villavicencio assassination a ‘disturbing moment’ for Ecuador democracy, former running mate says

Another quote in the headline…

"disturbing moment" = 203 (Ordinal)

Later this year, on October 9th, it will be 203 years since Ecuador first declared independence from Spain. The significance of this date, 10/09, will be explored in length.

On August 9th, Ecuadorian presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio was assassinated less than two weeks before the nation’s general election. The attack that occurred in Quito, Ecuador was blamed on members of a gang called Los Lobos, who appear to claimed responsibility.

When I saw the name Los Lobos, I thought, no way. Don’t tell me I’m going to find a way to connect this to the band Los Lobos, who are most certainly best-known for their 1987 hit La Bamba. However…this is actually a huge part of this riddle.

Could there possibly be any precedence for a major synchronicity to exist between a significant event in modern times and a famous Latin dance song? Actually, yes there is. In 2021, I made this post about a remarkable play in Major League Baseball when relief pitcher Daniel Camarena, who was just brought up to the Big Leagues and never had a hit, slugged a Grand Slam off of future Hall of Famer Max Scherzer.

The name Camarena is just a simple two-letter swap away from the Macarena. Hilariously, earlier that same day, a Spanish newspaper published a special feature article on Los del Rio, who recorded the original version of the Macarena. The numerical links were very strong, as my video explored.

As it turns out, these two events are indeed “scripted” alongside one another. We begin by simply measuring between the birthdays of Fernando Villavicencio and Daniel Camarena.

Fernando was 29 years, 29 days old when Daniel was born:

The 29th Prime number is 109

La Bamba and The Macarena were released exactly 109 Lunar orbits apart:

Los del Rio, Los Lobos, and Shooting all = 109

Villavicencio was killed a span of exactly 109 weeks after the unlikely feat:

"Villavicencio" = 1009 (Standard)

Villavicencio was assassinated at 0°10’09“S:

The nation of Ecuador first declared independence from Spain on 10/09, or October 9th, which is now known as Guayaquil Independence Day:

This same date, 10/09, is the founding date of Yale University:October 9th, 1701

Camarena was 1009 days old when the Macarena was released:

Dan hit his Grand Slam 19 days after his first Big League game:

"Dan" = 19 (Ordinal)

The number 19 is very significant to the Kill code.

Kill = 19 and 244 in Hebrew, Nineteen = 224 Latin

The murder occurred during Brown Lunation # 1,244:

It was a span of 244 days before the next Total Eclipse over the U.S.:

The 19th Prime number is 67

He was killed in Quito, Ecuador.

Ecuador and Quito, Ecuador both = 67

Human sacrifice and Blood sacrifice both = 67

August ninth

19 is also connected to the Chaos code. This word also sums to 89 in Reverse.

Chaos = 19 and 89

Daniel Camarena hit his Grand slam in a game that ended with a score of 8-9. Fernando Villavicencio was killed on August 9th, or 8/9.

Kill, The Macarena, Guayaquil Ecuador, Grand slam, and Daniel all = 89

La Bamba was released 8 months, 9 days after Fernando’s birthday and Camarena debuted a span of 8 months, 9 days after it:

The date he was Assassinated would be written as 9/8 in Ecuador. The 98th Prime number is 521.

"Assassinated" = 521 (Latin)

"Ninety eight" = 521 (Satanic)

This happened the same day that wildfires leveled Maui in Hawai’i, America’s 50th state.

"Fifty" = 521 (Latin)

Skull and Bones

"Quito Ecuador" = 149 (Ordinal)

In Ordinal, Skull and Bones = 149 and Skull and Crossbones = 223

1409 is the 223rd Prime number

Camarena was 10449 days old (or a span of 223 days after his birthday) for his MLB debut:

Camarena was born a span of 223 days before the anniversary of La Bamba’s release:

223 is the 48th Prime number

Camarena’s debut was a span of exactly 408 months after La Bamba came out:

Skull and Bones founder William Russell  died in 1885. Skull and Crossbones also has gematria of 61 and 885.

Skull and crossbones = 61 Reduction and 885 Latin

The Candidate was killed 1885 weeks after La Bamba was released and 61 days before Yale’s anniversary:

"Candidate" = 61 (Ordinal)

Yale was founded in 1701

La Bamba came out on the 171st day of the year:

"Fernando Alcibiades Villavicencio Valencia" = 1710 (Satanic)

"Republic of Ecuador" = 1710 (Reverse Sumerian)

Villavicencio was 223 days old for Camarena’s debut:

“Ritual Sacrifice” / JFK Coding

Camarena hit his Grand Slam off Max Scherzer on July 8th, or 7/08.

"Fernando Alcibiades Villavicencio Valencia" = 708 (Reverse)

Villavicencio was assassinated on the 78th meridian:

"Kennedy" = 78 (Ordinal)

Kennedy would have been 78 years, 78 days old when the Macarena came out:

The release fell on the 227th day of the year, and La Bamba was released 70 years, 22 days after Kennedy’s birthday.

The assassination fell 2 years, 51 days after Daniel’s MLB debut:

Guayaquil Ecuador and Ritual sacrifice both = 251 and 73

The “Ritual sacrifice” code is perhaps best exhibited through the assassination of John F. Kennedy, who, just like Fernando Villavicencio, was shot multiple times in the head.

Ritual sacrifice = 616, 73, and 107. JFK = 616 and 73, John Fitzgerald Kennedy = 107

The assassination was also a span of 2 years, 33 days after Daniel Camarena’s epic Grand Slam:

La Bamba came out exactly 23 years, 30 weeks after JFK was assassinated:

John Fitzgerald Kennedy = 233 Ordinal and JFK = 51 Caps Mixed

233 is the 51st Prime number

La Bamba was released on a date with numerology of 5133, and 132:(6) + (20) + 1+9+8+7 = 51, 6 + 2+0 + 1+9+8+7 = 33, and (6) + (20) + (19) + (87) = 132

Kennedy equals 33 while JFK has double gematria of 132.

Kennedy = 33 Reduction and JFK = 132 Satanic and Reverse Caps Added

The assassination of the presidential candidate fell a span of 13200 days after La Bamba:

"Republic of Ecuador" = 666 (Fibonacci)

"Kennedy" = 111 (Reverse)

Villavicencio was born 1 month, 11 days (or 42 days) before JFK was killed:

Villavicencio was born during Brown Lunation # 504:

“Ecuador” is Spanish for “Equator.”

"Equator" = 506 (Latin)

Kennedy was killed during Brown Lunation # 506:

"Villavicencio" = 136 (Ordinal)

Villavicencio was born a span of 136 days after JFK’s birthday:

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