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California and Hawai’i Wildfires Connected to COVID-19 Emergencies

See my first post on this story that explains how the Maui wildfires connect to a pair of sudden and suspicious wildfires that occurred in California – the Woolsey and Camp fires, which fell two days after Newsom was elected, and the Saddleridge fire, which happened on Gavin Newsom’s birthday.

My second post explores the 666 riddle that connects the wildfires to Dora the Explorer. Hurricane Dora was responsible for the winds that caused the Maui wildfires.

The number 666 was paramount to the Coronavirus riddle. See my video from 2020 that details those connections. This post will show how both Dora the Explorer and Coronavirus are connected to these same three wildfires.

Gavin Newsom

Gavin Newsom was born on 10/10 of ’67:

COVID Nineteen = 1010 and 67

Two days after the World Health Organization declared the Coronavirus to be a global pandemic, Donald Trump declared a national emergency for the disease. This happened on March 13th, written 3/13.

Six hundred threescore and six = 313 and Gavin Christopher Newsom = 313

As such, Gavin Newsom is a central character of the Coronavirus pandemic.

"Gavin Newsom" = 56 (Reverse Reduction)

"Coronavirus pandemic" = 293 (Reverse)

Donald Trump declared his COVID-19 emergency on the date leaving 293 days in the year, which had Primary numerology of 56:(3) + (13) + (20) + (20) = 56

Coronavirus = 56 and 70

Dora and Fire both = 70 Reverse

The WHO’s declaration two days earlier was on March 11th, which is typically the 70th day of the year:

The Woolsey and Camp Fires broke out exactly 70 weeks before the WHO’s declaration and 491 days before Trump’s:

491 is the 94th Prime number

Coronavirus pandemic = 94 and 113

The WHO declared a global Coronavirus pandemic on the 11th of March, or 11/3.

The Saddleridge fire on Gavin Newsom’s birthday fell 155 days before Trump’s Coronavirus emergency:

Coronavirus and Gavin Newsom both = 155

"Dora" = 155 (Standard)

Revelation / 666

"Maui" = 44 (Ordinal)

The Book of Revelation has 404 verses

Sylvia Luke was born exactly 404 Lunar phases before Dora premiered:

The Maui wildfires fell exactly 40 months, 4 weeks (or 1244 days) after Trump’s national emergency:

The Maui fires happened during Brown Lunation # 1244:

The Hebrew word for Kill sums to 244 and 19.

Kill = 19 and 244 in Hebrew, Nineteen = 224 Latin


666 is the number of The Beast.

"The Beast" = 311 (Latin)

Dora the Explorer ended 301 weeks, 1 day before the COVID emergency, or 283 days before the date March 13th:

"Six hundred and sixty six" = 2083 (Latin)

The 283rd day of the year is 10/10, circling back to Gavin Newsom’s birthday:

"Revelation" = 1010 (Latin) and "Six hundred and sixty six" = 2083 (Latin)

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