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Tyrone Taylor’s 2-Run Home Run Leads Brewers to Victory

In my last post, I pointed out how today’s stories involving both Hunter Biden and the New York City crane collapse were connected to the Big Blue crane collapse in Milwaukee. That collapse happened at American Family Field, the home of the Milwaukee Brewers.

That post also discusses how the Big Blue collapse was connected to Hank Aaron, the true home run king who played for both the Brewers and the Braves during his career. Today, the Brewers played a home game against the Reds:

The hero of the game was Tyrone Taylor, whose two-run home run broke a scoreless tie late in the game.

Big Blue collapsed in 1999

Tyrone Taylor was 1999 days old for the 1999 Big Blue collapse:

Taylor was born on January 22nd, or 22/1. In 2021, Hank Aaron died on January 22nd:

Tyrone Taylor was a span of exactly 1409 weeks old when Hank Aaron died:

When Taylor came up to bat to hit his game-winner, he had a batting average of just .149:

Crane, Skull and Bones, and Ted Thompson all = 149

Taylor wears # 15 for the Brewers:

Henry Aaron = 1050, Robert Francis Kennedy = 1050, RFK = 105, Crane collapse = 150

Tyrone Taylor was 10,777 days old when he hit his go-ahead blast:

The company responsible for the collapse was Mitsubishi.

"Mitsubishi" = 777 (Standard)

This was another number of focus, as the Braves pulled their Triple Play off against the Boston Red Sox.

Boston and Red Sox both = 77 Reverse

Today is a span of 8,777 days after JFK Jr. died:

The Triple Play was made 8,777 days after the Big Blue collapse:

Tyrone Taylor, who was born on a date with Primary numerology of 136, also has matching 136 gematria with Atlanta Braves and Triple Play:(1) + (22) + (19) + (94) = 136

Tyrone Taylor, Atlanta Braves, and Triple play all = 136

His T.T. initials, which he shares with Ted Thompson, represent the numbers 20-20, or 2-2 in Reduction. Hank Aaron died 22 days after the last day of 2020. The winning home run came off of Edward Bennett Lively.

Aaron = 202 and 22, Edward Bennett Lively = 220, Boston = 22, Skull and Bones = 202

The 202nd Prime number is 1231

The winning pitcher of this game played in Wisconsin was Elvis Peguero. The losing pitcher was Ben Lively.

Wisconsin, Elvis Peguero, and Ben Lively all = 1231

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