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Today’s Crane Collapse Connected to 1999 Milwaukee Crane Collapse

In my last post, I explained how today’s crane collapse in New York City was connected to the guilty plea that Hunter Biden will be entering in Delaware. Hunter is the son of U.S. President Joe Biden.

In 1999, the Big Blue crane collapsed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin during the construction of the city’s new baseball stadium. Two days later, John F. Kennedy Jr., the son of a former U.S. President, died in a plane crash off of Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts.

The baseball team in Massachusetts is the Red Sox. Last night, the Red Sox fell victim to the first 8-3-5 triple play in nearly 140 years, turned by the Atlanta Braves. The only other team to complete this type of play was the Boston Beaneaters.

Braves turn first 8-3-5 triple play since 1884 against Red Sox

Prior to moving to Atlanta, the Braves played baseball in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

"Milwaukee Wisconsin" = 2411 (Latin)

Today is a span of 24 years, 11 days after the death of JFK Jr.

The Braves turned their Triple Play 24 years, 11 days (or a span of 8778 days) after the Big Blue collapse:

"Braves" = 878 (Latin)

Milwaukee, Wisconsin also has matching gematria with Robert Hunter Biden and New York City, New York.

Milwaukee Wisconsin = 261 and 99, Milwaukee WI = 261, Robert Hunter Biden = 261 and 99, New York City New York = 99

Today is exactly 131 weeks after Joe Biden took office:

The Big Blue crane technically collapsed in West Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The crane that collapsed in New York had “Lomma” written on it, as New York Crane used to be owned by James Lomma prior to his death in 2019.

Lomma died on July 14th – the 20th anniversary of the Big Blue collapse

"Big Blue" = 131 (Reverse)

"West Milwaukee Wisconsin" = 131 (Reverse Reduction)

The Braves turned a Triple Play 1031 days after the Brewers turned their last one:

"Three outs" = 131 (Ordinal)

On the same date Joe Biden took office, former Packers General Manager Ted Thompson died. Thompson was born on RFK Jr.’s birthday, and Joe Biden was born on RFK’s birthday.

Joseph Robinette Biden was born on RFK’s 17th birthday:

In Single Reduction, Joseph Robinette Biden and John Fitzgerald Kennedy both = 107, RFK = 17

Hank Aaron

Two days after Thompson died in Atlanta, Texas, home run king Hank Aaron, died in Atlanta, Georgia. Hank was born on February 5th, which is just one day after Hunter Biden’s birthday.

Aaron has his #44 retired for both the Brewers and Braves. He hit 44 home runs in 4 different seasons. The Brewers and Packers both play in Wisconsin, while the Braves play in Georgia, the only two states with 44 gematria.

Wisconsin and Georgia both = 44 Reduction

The Braves ‘ Triple Play was the first one in all of MLB in exactly 44 weeks:

The number Forty-four has gematria of both 99 and 1512.

Forty four = 99 Reverse and 1512 Standard

"Big Blue crane" = 99 (Ordinal)

The Big Blue crane went down in ’99
Mitsubishi paid $99 million to victims
The collapse happened at 5:12 p.m.

The 44th Prime number is 193

Hank Aaron died a span of 193 days after the anniversary of the collapse:

Today is 193 days before Hunter Biden’s birthday:

Crane collapse, Hank Aaron, and Henry Aaron all = 52

The 52nd Prime number is 239

The Crane collapse occurred when Hank Aaron was 23900 days old (or a span of 160 days after his birthday):

"Hank Aaron" = 160 (Reverse)

Today is a span of 195 days before Aaron’s birthday:

"Henry Louis Aaron" = 195 (Ordinal)


Hunter Biden’s real first name is Robert. Lately, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., JFK Jr.’s cousin, has been all over the mainstream headlines as he continues his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination:

RFK Jr.’s father Robert F. Kennedy shares the same November 20th birthday with Hunter’s father Joe Biden.

Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. was born 2504 days before JFK Jr.:

"Robert Francis Kennedy Jr" = 254 (Ordinal)

RFK Jr. was 5,254 days old when his father was assassinated:

The 9/11 attacks in New York fell on the 254th day of the year:

Today’s crane collapse happened exactly 1,254 weeks after the Big Blue collapse:

Hank Aaron was 12540 days old when RFK was killed:

Big Blue collapsed during the construction of the new Milwaukee Brewers stadium.

"Milwaukee Brewers" = 190 (Ordinal)

Today is 190 days after Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s birthday:

"Robert F Kennedy Jr" = 190 (Ordinal)

"RFK" = 19 (Reverse Reduction)

JFK Jr. was born a span of 314 days after RFK Jr.’s birthday:

"Robert Francis Kennedy" = 314 (Reverse)

JFK Jr. died 31 years, 40 days after Robert Francis Kennedy:

Twenty two divided by seven = 314 Ordinal

The Crane collapse of Big Blue just two days before JFK Jr. died off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard.

Marthas Vineyard and Crane collapse both = 227 Reverse

"Blue" = 227 (Latin)

Red Sox / Martha’s Vineyard

This year is 2023, which reduces to 7. The date of the Braves’ Triple Play was 7/25. Since 25 reduces to 7, this can be viewed as 7/7, syncing up with Boston and Red Sox.

Boston and Red Sox both = 77 Reverse

The Triple Play was made 8,777 days after the Big Blue collapse:

Today is a span of 8,777 days after JFK Jr. died:

The company deemed responsible for the Big Blue collapse was Mitsubishi.

"Mitsubishi" = 777 (Standard)

To end the Triple Play, #27 tagged out #7 in front of Umpire # 49 (7 squared):

It was officially scored as 8-3-5. These same three digits are found in the gematria of the headline we got from FOX News for Hunter Biden:Hunter Biden to appear in federal court, enter guilty plea out of years-long federal probe

Hunter Biden to appear in federal court enter guilty plea out of years long federal probe = 853 Ordinal

853 is the 147th Prime number

"Delaware" = 147 (Reverse)

The Big Blue crane collapse was on the 14th of July, written 14/7 or 7/14.

"Big Blue crane collapse" = 714 (Reverse Caps Mixed)

"Henry Aaron" = 714 (Sumerian)

In Reverse Caps, Martha’s Vineyard sums to 279. Milwaukee’s last Triple Play was on 27/9 in 2020.

"Marthas Vineyard" = 279 (Reverse Caps Added)

The president’s son is exactly 2790 weeks old:

New York City New York = 279 Ordinal, New York New York = 2970 Latin

20790 days = 2970 weeks

It’s been 297 Lunar phases since JFK Jr. died:

Today is 2979 days after the death of Hunter’s brother Beau:

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