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Bronny James Suffers Cardiac Arrest During Workout

Damar Hamlin leads outpouring of support for Bronny James following cardiac arrest

Let’s tell everyone that a big famous basketball star has collapsed…and then watch them debate about whether or not the vaccine caused it!

It’s like overturning a Brinks truck in a poor neighborhood and watching them chase all the floating dollar bills!

This post will examine how the story is connected to the numbers of Jesus Christ, some of which are shared by LeBron Raymone James.

Jesus Christ = 1339 and 876, LeBron Raymone James = 1339 and LeBron James = 876

Damar Hamlin was exactly 304 months old:

"Jesus" = 34 (Reverse Reduction)

Bronny’s cardiac arrest fell 203 days after the collapse of Damar Hamlin:

Damar Hamlin and Jesus Christ both = 203

Bronny was 980 weeks, 5 days old, and 74 days before his next birthday:

Jesus = 985 and 74, Jesus Christ = 74

The date of his incident even had Primary numerology of 74:


Perhaps the biggest event in the collective consciousness connected to Jesus was the attacks of September 11th, which occurred on the 11th day in the 11th state on the date leaving 111 days in the year. Flight 11 was the first of two planes to destroy the towers that stood in the shape of an 11.

"Jesus" = 11 (Reduction)

It was 21 years, 316 days after the collapse of the World Trade Center:

21316 is 146 squared

Jesus Christ = 1316 and 146 Reverse, Damar Hamlin and Cardiac arrest = 146 Caps Added

The number 911 upside-down is 116

He collapsed 1016 days after LeBron Sr. won his last Larry O’Brien trophy:

"Larry" = 911 (Standard)

Other Connections

My long video on the Damar Hamlin collapse talked a lot about the number 666. Hamlin, which sums to 666, was wearing # 3.

"Hamlin" = 666 (Fibonacci)

#3 collapsed a span of 3 days after Bronny turned 6660 days old:

The video also discusses the immense numerical connections to Freemasonry.

"Scottish Rite of Freemasonry" = 1487 (Latin)

Although this occurred last night, all the news and tributes I’ve seen online are from today.

LeBron James is a span of 14087 days old today:

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