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CBS New York Meteorologist Elise Finch Dies @ 51

CBS Meteorologist Elise Finch Dies at 51

Meteorologist Elise Finch, who appeared on New York City’s CBS flagship station WCBS-TV, has reportedly died at the age of 51. Although this story is in the headlines today, all sources indicate she likely passed away yesterday, July 16th.

Her death fell 5000 weeks, 1 day after CBS was founded, and 50 weeks, 1 day before the anniversary of its first broadcast:

"Fifty one" = 616 (Latin) and "Ritual sacrifice" = 616 (Latin)

Elise passed away when she was 616 months old:

Killing = 115 Reverse and 115 Latin

CBS was founded a span of exactly 1150 months ago:

See my next post to learn how this is synced up with the two Great American Eclipses.

Arthur Judson / Seventy-one (71)

CBS originally stood for Columbia Broadcasting System.

"Columbia Broadcasting System" = 2117 (Standard)

Finch died a span of 217 days before Arthur Judson’s birthday:

Arthur Leon Judson, the founder of CBS, was born on 2/17.

Arthur Leon Judson = 217 and 71

Judson founded CBS 7 months, 1 days after his birthday:

Finch’s death was announced 7 months, 1 day before Arthur’s birthday:

Today is exactly 7 months, 1 week before Finch’s birthday:

She was also a span of 18771 days old:

CBS first hit the airwaves in 1941 on the 1st of July, a date that can be written as either 7/1 or 1/7. Finch was in her 17th year as WCBS-TV’s meteorologist.

News of Finch’s death broke 17701 days after Arthur Judson died (or 170 days after the anniversary):

Finch was a span of 1070 days old when Judson died:

17 is the 7th Prime number

Finch received an on-air tribute today, the 17th of July, which is the 7th month.

Kill = 17, Sacrifice = 170, Ritual sacrifice = 107, Ritual human sacrifice = 1700

Her network affiliate, WCBS-TV, has gematria of both 17 and 1795.

WCBS TV = 17 and 1795 Latin

There are more 95 connections here.

CBS was founded 95 years ago:

Finch = 95, CBS = 95, Elise Finch = 195

Elise Finch was born 11195 days after CBS first switched on its TV signal:

What truly brings this all together is that Arthur Judson sums to the same digits in Latin as Seventy-one, which in turn syncs up with CBS.

"Arthur Judson" = 1453 (Latin), Seventy one = 1435 (Latin) and 144 (Ordinal), CBS = 144 (Sumerian)

Today is a span of 144 days after Finch’s birthday:

71 is the 20th Prime number

Judson died 20 days before his birthday:

"Judson" = 20 (Reduction)

Elise Finch was 1069 days old when Arthur Judson died, and she passed away 169 days after the anniversary of his death:"Arthur Judson" = 169 (Ordinal)

Arthur Judson = 169 and 1213

1213 is the 198th Prime number

The world learned of Elise’s passing on the 198th day of the year:

“Sacrifice” Coding

Finch died 9 weeks, 1 day before CBS’s anniversary:

"Arthur Leon Judson" = 91 (Reverse Reduction)

Elise Finch was born exactly 91 years, 1 week after Arthur Judson:

Ritual human sacrifice = 911 Satanic and 895 Latin

"CBS TV" = 895 (Latin)

"Judson" = 984 (Latin)

It’s been 984 months since CBS first aired:

Arthur Judson

Judson was 17014 days old when he founded Columbia Broadcast System:

"Columbia Broadcasting System" = 1417 (Latin)

With the S Exception, Columbia Broadcasting System sums to 128.

"Columbia Broadcasting System" = 128 (Single Reduction)

"Television" = 1028 (Latin)

Television mogul Arthur Judson died on 1/28 at the age of 93.

Arthur Judson = 930 Reverse Sumerian and 155 Reverse

He died a span of 155 days before the anniversary of CBS’s initial air date:

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