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Saddam Hussein’s Connections to Long Island Serial Killer

My first post on this story explained the synchronicity connecting the Skull and Bones secret society to today’s news about the arrest of the Long Island serial killer.

My second post dove in on Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone, who has a connection to Babylon, which sits in present-day Iraq. His birthday is 9/11, and after the 9/11 attacks, the United States invaded Iraq.

These riddles are cemented when you look deeper into the numerology of Saddam Hussein and New York governor Kathy Hochul.

Skull and Bones

Today’s arrest of the Long Island serial killer fell on a date with Primary numerology of 64:(7) + (14) + (20) + (23) = 64

Suffolk County, Kathleen Hochul, Serial, Kill, and Death all = 64

In Satanic gematria, Skull and Bones sums to 604.

"Skull and Bones" = 604 (Satanic)

Today’s story falls 6040 days after the death of Saddam Hussein:

Skull and Bones has Latin gematria of 572, matching both Saddam Hussein and Hussein.

"Skull and Bones" = 572 (Latin)

Saddam Hussein = 572, Hussein = 572 and 442

The Gilgo Beach discoveries were made 1,442 days after Hussein died:

His eponym Saddam also syncs up with Skull & Bones.

Saddam and Skull & Bones both = 130

Saddam died on 12/30
Skull and Bones is at Yale University
The U.S. president was George Walker Bush

"Yale University" = 1230 (Sumerian)

"George Walker Bush" = 1230 (Standard)

Saddam Hussein was born 86033 days after the founding of Yale University:

Today’s arrest falls a span of exactly 863 weeks after the death of Saddam:

863 is the 150th Prime number

"Saddam" = 150 (Standard)

Saddam Hussein was born 201 days (or 202 w/ end date) after Yale’s anniversary:

Skull and Bones = 201 Caps Added and 202 Reverse

Kathy Hochul

New York was 214 years old when Iraq was invaded:

Kathy Hochul was born a span of exactly 21 years, 4 months after Saddam Hussein:

"Saddam Hussein" = 214 (Reverse)

Saddam’s birthday was 28/4

"Kathleen Hochul" = 284 (Capitals Mixed)

Kathleen Hochul became  governor on 24/8

Their birthdays are also 121 days apart:

Hussein, Hochul, Gilgo Beach, and Long Island serial killer all = 121

"Lieutenant" = 121 (Ordinal)

There’s another alignment when counting just the months.

Kathy Hochul was born a span of exactly 256 months after Saddam Hussein:

Hochul was born 256 years after Yale’s founding:

She became the governor 10 years, 256 days after remains were first found on Gilgo Beach:

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