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Champions League Final – Timothy McVeigh / Romelu Lukaku Syncs

As the Scripted Sports section of my Blog examines, there is no question that there is a deep, highly-intelligent numerical scripting playing out in the world of sports. But does the fact that an advanced script is running tell us with certainty that sports are also rigged?

I’ve grown to realize the answer to that question is not so simple. It’s actually difficult to find sports that don’t have some element of scripting going on. See my post on last year’s Wiffle Ball World Series for a prime example.

So was yesterday’s Champions League Final rigged for Manchester City to win, completing the major riddle with the Manchester Bombing and 9/11? I don’t know…but I would cast doubt on anyone who claims that everything down to the final score is predetermined.

In the waning minutes of yesterday’s Final, Inter Milan had several good opportunities to tie the game, with two chances in particular that could have certainly changed the result.

In the 71st minute, Federico Dimarco squandered two consecutive chances. First, he bounced an open header into the crossbar. On the rebound, his follow-up attempt disastrously struck teammate Romelu Lukaku before reaching the goal line.

Lukaku gets in the way

Man City had defenders in front of the net, so there was no guarantee Dimarco’s effort was goalbound. However, in the 88th minute, Lukaku suffered an even worse heartbreak. Teammate Robin Gosens was able to flag down a deep lob into City’s box and lobbed a header to Lukaku, who drilled his own header into the leg of goalie Ederson.

Lukaku’s header can’t find the net

The Dutchman did exactly what he was supposed to do – hit the header low so it would be difficult for the goalie to read a carom and use his hands. But Ederson was fortunate that the ball found his knee, and perhaps even more fortunate that Dias was able to bump it wide out of bounds for the corner.

It’s worth noting the gematria of Romelu Lukaku in light of all the 163 and 73 I pointed out in my original posts.

Romelu Lukaku, Internazionale, and Manchester City all = 163

Recall how the man with the bomb on his neck is Marcelo Brozovic.

Marcelo Brozovic was 11163 days old for the Final:

"Kaczynski" = 1063 (Latin)

The Final was played on the same day the “Unabomber” Ted Kaczynski died. It was also on the anniversary of the Percy Wood bombing the Unabomber was behind.

Percy Wood would have been 103 years, 3 days old for the Final:

Romelu Lukaku Bolingoli = 1033, 256, and 311, Theodore John Kaczynski = 256 and 311

Both Lukaku and Ederson were born in the year ’93 like Ariana Grande. This was also the year of the World Trade Center bombing. I pointed out how Brozovic has 2:15 tattooed on his arm. But the date April 19th above it is also significant because this was the anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing.

Manchester City’s win completed the 22nd treble recognized by FIFA. Futbol is a sport with 22 men on the field. Brozovic was born exactly 2 years, 22 weeks before the OKC bombing, and his daughter was born exactly 22 years later:

The man convicted of the OKC bombing was Timothy McVeigh.

The Unabomber died a span of exactly 22 years after the death of Timothy McVeigh:

The Unabomber was born on the 22nd of May, or 22/5.

"Timothy James McVeigh" = 225 (Ordinal)

McVeigh died on 6/11, which was 1 month, 19 days after his birthday. 6/11 looks a lot like 9/11 – the date the World Trade Center was destroyed.

"World Trade Center" = 1337 (Standard)

Lukaku was born 337 days after the anniversary of the Percy Wood bombing:

June 10th fell 337 months after the Oklahoma City Bombing (or a span of 10280 days):

337 is the 68th Prime number

"Sixty eight" = 1028 (Latin)

The only goal came in the 68th minute

Timothy McVeigh was born in ’68, the same year that World Trade Center construction began on the 6th of August, or 6/8. The same year 9-1-1 became the emergency dialing code, George W. Bush graduated Yale, and 2001: A Space Odyssey was released.

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