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More Riddles for Manchester City’s Champions League Victory

As discussed in my first post, Theodore Kaczynski died on the same day as the conclusion of the UEFA Champions League.

Theodore Kaczynski and UEFA Champions League both = 83

"Murder" = 83 (Reverse)

83 is the 23rd Prime number

With the victory, Manchester City became the 23rd different team to win the Champions League in the year ’23 on a date with 23 numerology:(6) + (10) + 2+0+2+3 = 23

"Twenty three" = 163 (Ordinal)

Manchester City and Manchester England = 163 Ordinal, Manchester City Citizens = 1630 Latin

They defeated Internazionale for the victory.

"Internazionale" = 163 (Ordinal)

On the same date, famed terrorist Ted Kaczynski reportedly committed suicide.

Kaczynski = 1063 Latin and 38 Reduction

163 is the 38th Prime number

The 2017 Manchester Arena bombing fell on May 22nd, which was the Unabomber’s birthday.

The Unabomber was exactly 900 months old for the Manchester bombing:

Man City defeated Internazionale in the Final. The club was originally founded in Gorton, United Kingdom.

"Internazionale" = 900 (Latin)

"Gorton United Kingdom" = 900 (Satanic)

With the S Exception, Manchester sums to 52. This is a number the city shares with Percy Wood, The Unabomber, and Kaczynski.

"Manchester" = 52 (Single Reduction)

Percy Wood, The Unabomber, Kaczynski, and Sixty-eight all = 52

Pep Guardiola was 52 years, 143 days old:

Manchester City F.C. was founded 143 years ago:

The team’s primary sponsor, as displayed on their uniform, is Etihad Airways.

"Etihad Airways" = 143 (Ordinal)

Rodri, who scored the game-winner in the 68th minute, was born on a date with Primary numerology of 143:(6) + (22) + (19) + (96) = 143

"Sixty eighth" = 143 (Reverse)

"Gorton Manchester United Kingdom" = 143 (Reduction)


The World Trade Center was destroyed 3119 days after the 1993 bombing:

3119 is the 444th Prime number
The Unabomber attacked Flight 444
He lived in Lincoln, Montana
Man City was founded in Gorton, England

"Lincoln Montana" = 444 (Latin)

"Gorton England" = 444 (Latin)

In 2005, England had their own version of 9/11 when several bombs were detonated around the city of London.

It’s been 215 months since the London bombings:

In Reverse, Internazionale sums to 215.

"Internazionale" = 215 (Reverse)

Internazionale star Brozovic has a daughter born in 2017, exactly 33 days before the Manchester bombing. She was born at 2:15, prompting him to also tattoo a clock with 2:15 on his arm:

215 is a very significant number to Manchester City, whose chief sponsor is the Etihad Aviation Group.

Manchester City = 215 and 215, Manchester England = 215, Man City Citizens = 215, Etihad Aviation Group = 215

The 9/11 attacks occurred in 2001. Marcelo Brozovic got his “bomb” tattoo in ’21.

Man City finished its treble exactly 21 months after the Man City episode:

The 21st Prime number is 73

Manchester City, Manchester City FC, Manchester England, Man City Citizens, Manchester Arena, Etihad, Internazionale, and Sixty-eighth all = 73

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