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19-Year-Old Marquette Student Dies in Dorm Room

Marquette University student found dead in dorm room Marquette University Police officers pronounced the student dead upon arrival

Marquette University is one of 27 Jesuit-run colleges in the United States. The current Pope of the Catholic Church is Pope Francis, who is the first Jesuit to ever hold the position.

“Kill” / “Sacrifice” Coding

The man who died in this story was 19-year-old Kamrin Ray. This a number associated with the Kill code.

Kill = 19 and 244 in Hebrew, Nineteen = 224 Latin

Kamrin died 244 days before Pope Francis’s next birthday:

Ray has gematria of 4417, and 19.

Ray = 44, 17, and 19

"Cobeen" = 44 (Ordinal)

He died in Cobeen Hall on the 17th, which was a date with numerology of 64281944, and 17:April 17th, 2023 had Numerology of 64, 28, 19, 44, and 17

These are the same five numbers found in the gematria of Kill.

The 28th Prime number is 107. It was also the 107th day of the year:

"Ritual sacrifice" = 107 (Reverse Reduction)

Kamrin Ray passed away 76 days after his birthday:

Blood sacrifice = 76, 86, and 121

Pope Francis was 86 years, 121 days old (or a span of 122 days after his birthday):

"Pope Francis" = 122 (Ordinal)

Kamrin was 7017 days old. 7×17119. He was a span of 3330 days old when Francis became Pope.

Francis = 119 Reverse and 333 Fibonacci

Jesuit Eclipse Code

Jesuit = 30, 42, 110, and 624. Kamrin = 30, 42, and 624, Kamrin Ray = 110

The Jesuit Order’s emblem is the Sun with its Rays emanating in all directions. Important, since the deceased’s last name was Ray:

"The Jesuits" = 136 (Ordinal)

Pope Francis was exactly 1036 months old, and it was a span of 10 years, 36 days after he became the Pope:

The Jesuits were founded three days before a solar eclipse from Saros 136, which began on the date 13/6/1360 in the western hemisphere.

Kamrin Ray’s death occurred in connection with the next eclipse from Saros 136. Consider how he died on the date 4/17.

Ray died 4 years, 107 days (or exactly 224 weeks) before the next Eclipse from Saros 136:

The Jesuits are formally referred to as The Society of Jesus.

"The Society of Jesus" = 224 (Ordinal)

His death is also synced up to the last Eclipse from Saros 136, which is a very important one. This eclipse passed directly over Wuhan, China. In 2020, the COVID-19 vaccine was approved on the same date that a total eclipse passed over Argentina, the home nation of Pope Francis.

Ray died 5018 days after the most recent Eclipse from Saros 136:

In my first post about the numerology of Marquette University, I pointed out how Jacques Marquette, the school’s namesake, died on May 18th, or 5/18. Marquette was founded by a man named John Martin Henni, who was born in 1805.

"John Martin Henni" = 518 (Primes)

In Reverse, his name matches Thirteen thirty-one, which is the ultimate eclipse number, just like Francis’s real name, Jorge Bergoglio.

Thirteen thirty one, John Martin Henni, and Jorge Bergoglio all = 233

April 17th fell a span of 233 days after Marquette’s establishment date:

233 is the 51st Prime number

"Marquette" = 51 (Reverse Reduction)

Kamrin died exactly 51 weeks before the second Great American Eclipse:

Notice how he also died a span of 2066 days after the first Great American Eclipse. Pope Francis is the 266th Pope.

“The Beast”

Jesuit and Jesuits have solid gematric overlap with Number of the Beast.

Number of the Beast and Jesuits both = 724. Number of the Beast and Jesuit both = 746

The 17th of April, which can be written as 17/4, is also the date that leaves 258 days on the calendar:

Number of the Beast = 174 and 258

In Reduction, Number of the Beast matches Kamrin and Ray. Remember, this all comes from the Book of Revelation, which is the 66th and final book of the Bible.

Number of the Beast = 66 and 87, Kamrin = 66 and Ray = 87

Marquette University is in Milwaukee, which was incorporated on the 31st of January, or 31/1. This is the same date Kamrin Ray was born in 2004.

"The Beast" = 311 (Latin)

311 is the 64th Prime number

As shown above, he died on a date with Primary numerology of 64. “Kill” = 64 in Reverse.


The number of the Beast is a riddle implanted into the New Testament, which slowly became a large part of the Christian religion in the 16th century, with the King James Version being published in the year 1611.

Kamrin died at the age of exactly 19 years, 11 weeks old:

The King James Version is also known as the Masonic Bible, as it’s the version used by the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

"Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry" = 1911 (Latin)

"Ritual human sacrifice" = 911 (Satanic), "Human sacrifice" = 156 (Capitals Added), "Ritual sacrifice" = 1506 (Reverse Sumerian), "Prince Rogers Nelson" = 1560 (Reverse Sumerian), "Super Bowl Fifty seven" = 1506 (Reverse Sumerian)

Kamrin was born exactly 158 years after the incorporation of the city of Milwaukee, where he died. This is the Reverse value of Freemasonry, which is a double match with Pope Francis in Reduction.

Freemasonry = 158, 58, and 59. Pope Francis = 58 and 59

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